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Technology - January 27, 2022

Here’s What the Future of Shared Mobility Could Look Like

Hyundai Mobis' shared mobility prototype, M.Vision Pop, captures what this form of transport will look like in the future. 

The global Mobility as a Service (MaaS) market is worth is forecast to reach $523.61 Billion in value by 2027. The integration and expansion of the telecom and transportation industries are the key driving factors for the industry. With transportation authorities, governments, customers, and enterprises seeking to unlock vast opportunities, auto manufacturers across the world are coming up with amazing prototypes to match the enthusiasm. One of such is Hyundai Mobis’ shared mobility prototype, M.Vision Pop, which captures what this form of transport will look like in the future. 

Here in Africa, the mobility market is ruled by foreign manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Mercedes. It’s yet to be seen how Africa can become a pioneer in the auto and mobility industry even though we’ve seen the rise of really impressive local car manufacturing brands

We can only stare at Hyundai’s take on shared mobility in the future at the recently held Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, and hope that one day the continent catches up.

The Hyundai Mobis M.Vision Pop


Hyundai Mobis is an arm of the Hyundai Motor Company that focuses on building cutting edge car parts. It’s M.Vision Pop, blow a lot of people away at CES with its radical design. The vehicle combines intelligent steering, braking, electric drive and suspension hardware into a single wheel unit. The M.Vision Pop is literally a robot-looking minibus, packed with the newest auto tech. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

Use your Smartphone to Start the Car


Your smartphone serves as a key to turning on your vehicle. You place your smartphone on a compartment on the steering and you’re ready to start controlling your vehicle. You can play movies from your smartphone and have it displayed on the led screen which stretches across your dashboard. One interesting feature of the led is that it goes transparent when you need to look out for crossing kids or obstacles. 

Taking Steering Flexibility to the Next Level


The steering style is somewhat like the Tesla yoke shaped. With an adjustable height, you can pull or push the steering to match your height. But where the steering for the M.Vision Pop really shines is its ability to slide from the driver to the passenger, automatically reversing their roles. 

New Wheel Tech

The M.Vision comes with the Hyundai e-Corner Module,  an in-wheel system that provides enhanced 90 degrees rotation necessary for the vehicle to crab walk sideways and turn in place.

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