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Insight & Analysis - January 30, 2022

Here is what Nigerian Governors Earn as Salaries

There is no limit to how much a Nigerian governor can spend on foreign trips.

The Salary of Nigerian Governors is frequently a source of debate, with some claiming that one of the reasons for the country’s rising government costs is the money set aside to pay the salaries of these officials.

There have also been assertions that if these wages and allowances are reduced, more money will be available for development. 

What does it take to become a Nigerian government official?

The following are some of the constitutional requirements:

  • You must have been born in Nigeria.
  • You must be at least 35 years old.
  • Political party membership is required.
  • Your sponsor should be the party.
  • Your term is four years, however, you can run for re-election once your first term is up.

Here is the salary of Nigerian public officials, such as deputy governors, state secretaries, and local government chairmen, to name a few. 

Nigerian Governors’ salaries

The following is a breakdown of the State Governor’s salary:

  •  Total remuneration: N11.540,896
  • Starting pay: N2.223.705
  • N222.370.50 in leave allowance
  • A vehicle loan of 400% of the annual basic pay is available.
  • Gratuity at the end of the contract: N6.671,115

The governor is entitled to accommodation, furniture allowance, and medical bills. He or she is also entitled to travel on foreign trips, and there’s also no set limit to how much they can spend.

Deputy State Governors’ summary compensation 

The deputy governor’s yearly income is slightly less than the state governor’s annual salary. The deputy’s annual salary is N10.772,296. As a result, the deputy governor’s base remuneration is N2.112.215 each month.

The loan amount is N8.448,860. Also included is a N211,221.50 annual leave allowance.

The state government pays for the deputy governor’s living quarters and furniture allowance. Medical expenses are also paid for by the state.

There is no defined limit on how much he or she can spend if he or she has to travel internationally.

Commissioner/Secretary to the State Government 

The remuneration of the Secretary to the State Government and Commissioner is N10,831,522, which includes an annual base salary of N1.337.225. Furniture allowance is N4.011.675, whereas N133.722.50 is the leave allowance.

A vehicle loan of N5.348.900 and a severance gratuity of N4,011,675 are also paid to the secretary and commissioner.

For international trips, unlike for governors and deputy governors, there is a limit. This is set at $600, whereas the local trip cap is set at N25,000.

Local Government area chairman’s salary 

Local Government Chairmen are paid a total annual compensation of N5.994.65, which includes a N908,312 basic pay. There’s also a N1.362.468 furniture allowance that comes once every four years. Other benefits include a leave allowance N9o.831.20 and a vehicle loan N9o.831.20.

In addition, at the end of their four-year term, these officials are paid N2.724.936 in severance pay.

The deputy local government chairman’s annual compensation is expected to be N5.630.169.60, with an annual base salary of N853.056. There is a leave allowance of N85.305 60. The deputy LG chairman receives a furniture allowance of N1 279.584 and a car loan of N3.412.224. They are paid a separate N2 559.168.00 severance bonus at the end of their employment.

Secretaries of Local Government and councillors of Local Government 

The following is a list of the LGA councillors and secretaries.

  • Total remuneration: N5, 341, 380
  • Allowance for furniture: N809,300 N1.213.950
  • N80.930 in leave allowance
  • N3.237.200 vehicle loan
  • Gratuity at the end of the contract: N2, 427.900.


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