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Insight & Analysis - February 3, 2022

5 Useless Business Hacks to Ignore as an Entrepreneur

To be successful you need to work smart instead of hard. In the bid to integrate this, entrepreneurs are applying different methods to make their business seamless. This attempt is, to some extent, good, but some are just useless business hacks.

Some of these business hacks are not backed by research, and not all are applicable to all businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to understand which hacks and suggestions are worth disregarding, as some may be a waste of time and effort. So, here are some useless business hacks to chuck away.

You must use productivity apps for all tasks

Some people believe that they need to schedule all their tasks on an app to be productive. As a result, they bounce from one app to the next or pick one that doesn’t fit their workflow or thought process. 

While scheduling is essential, you need to figure out what is holding you back from being productive. Identifying them will help you create a system that enables you to get ahead.

Network all the time

It is a fact that your network is your net worth and having the right contacts is beneficial for every entrepreneur. However, putting too much emphasis on networking for the sake of just networking might lead to attending unnecessary conferences. Business researchers and authors David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom said, “only attend the events that will make the most of your resources”.

You must start with the most important tasks

There are different ways of achieving a thing. So identify what works for you and start your task from there. This is because, as individuals, we have times when we are most productive. Hence, identify the time you are most productive and ensure your task is tailored to your preferred working method. 

Maintain a clean email inbox

As an entrepreneur, you might find yourself continuously checking your email inbox and striving to keep it clean. That’s a source of distraction. According to the University of California, Report workers perform better when they are shut off from email. Hence, only check and respond to email at a specific time throughout the day.

Think big

It is good to have big aspirations. Unattainable standards, on the other hand, might drag you down. Hence, set attainable goals and, when done with one, ask for feedback to improve.


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