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Insight & Analysis - February 4, 2022

5 Most Useless Mobile Applications in Nigeria

Applications ought to have a seamless user interface and experience unfortunately, some apps are far from it.

When a product fails to meet its promise, it loses its value and could be termed useless by the users, which is evident with some applications in Nigeria. From the research conducted by MarketForces Africa, customers’ expectations for mobile applications have not been met in terms of application delivery as some have shortcomings.

According to the report, the experience differed from one user to the next, and from findings, customers use this to rank the performances of the apps. These applications range from financial apps to social networking apps.

While the importance of mobile applications cannot be overstated, the necessity to improve the user experience is equally vital. Through the eyes of the customers, here are some of the useless mobile applications in Nigeria.


The eNaira app for Nigeria’s  Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is not delivering its proposed value. Since its launch in October 2021, people have expressed their different reactions. 

With more than 206 million people in Nigeria, only over 100 thousand people have downloaded the app. And the current users have had a lot of negative reviews for the app. One eNaire user, Isaac Adeoye, said, “The app is nice, and everything works just fine. However, what’s the advantage of using this eNaira app over my bank app? Because it appears that I can only send money to other eNaira wallets. I can just decide to continue using my bank app. If you want people to make use of this wallet, then there should be an added value.”


Sokoloan is a credit startup in Nigeria that has become infamous in Nigeria for its unprofessional service delivery. The app, since its launch, has been downloaded by over 1 million people. However, the app collects people’s data and uses it to harass them once they default on payments. For this unethical practice, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) imposed an N10 million fine on the company for violating customers’ privacy.

One of the reviewers, Sola Ogunlolu, said, “Sokoloan is nothing but a scam! But what would you expect from an app that employs tout? If their agent talks to you, they talk without regard. You’re on loan, and you still have a day to go, and they will be sending you threat messages and calling you not to remind you but to warn you, and that’s not the worst part, their interest is killing. I regret doing business with you”.


Vulte app was launched by Polaris bank to provide lifestyle financial solutions to their customers. However, some Nigerians find this app lacking in several aspects. This is evident in the app’s3+ ratings. The common negative review on the app comes from a series of technical issues such as difficulties in logging into the app, error transfer messages, and others.


This social app was modelled after the Twitter app, but users poorly received it as it takes too much space on the phone, the password recovery link is not functional, difficulty to upload pictures from the gallery, the design interface and user experience are not well developed.

Out of the over 10,000 people that downloaded the app on the Playstore, it was rated 1.3, while on the apple store, it was rated 1.1. It was also seriously criticised by Nigerians as the terms and conditions of the app was plagiarised from Spotify.

Spectranet Selfcare

The Spectranet self-care app was built to respond to clients’ enquiries about the offerings of the internet service provider in real-time. Some of the common challenges faced are the are inability to confirm data usage, login difficulties, poor connection, slow network, among others.


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