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Career Tips - February 5, 2022

7 Jobs in High Demand this 2022

Some of the jobs in high demand as listed on Linkedin's 2022 Jobs on the Rise list are mostly tech roles. The list shows 25 fastest-growing positions over the last five years. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and tech have entirely changed the way we work and live, and it’s crystal clear that we are never returning to the status quo. The careers that didn’t exist five years ago are now becoming jobs in high demand globally.

Some of the jobs in high demand as listed on Linkedin’s 2022 Jobs on the Rise list are mostly tech roles. The list shows 25 fastest-growing positions over the last five years.

Twenty-four of the twenty-five jobs are remote or flexible roles, another trend spurred by the pandemic. The traditional culture of working from a physical space is regressing as companies are reacting to calls for work flexibility.

Here are 7 jobs in high demand this 2022.

Data Analyst

Many businesses rely largely on the maintenance of enormous datasets, which will grow increasingly crucial as time goes on. Some industries that are in desperate need of data scientists are telecommunications, finance, and research.

Data scientists are skilled in working with databases and extracting important information from graphs.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report, hiring growth in this job has climbed by 74% in the last four years. This function is expanding across all industries, and it appears that this trend will continue beyond 2022.

Artificial intelligence professionals operate in various industries, although their expertise is primarily in computer programming and information technology.

The job entails creating new AI-based products as well as upgrading existing ones.

Software developer quality assurance analyst

This fast-growing career allows you to earn sufficiently while working from home. Maybe you’re continually spotting flaws in apps as a user, and now you’re getting paid to repair them.

A software developer creates and performs software tests to uncover issues and keep them running smoothly.

The developer is involved in every step of the software development process to determine the essential functionality that the user requires and how they intend to use the software.

A software expert also plays a role in determining security needs, creating the program, and collaborating with a programmer to create the computer code. Some developers, on the other hand, write their own code.

Market research analyst

Consider becoming a Market Research Analyst if you’ve ever seen anything and thought to yourself, “That product is going to be popular.”

However, you must enjoy numbers, charts, and graphs because you will be conducting market research and assisting organizations in determining how a product or service will sell, who will want it, and at what price.

Fitness instructors

All of the binge-watching during the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned an army of people who want to get back into shape, and fitness instructors are in high demand. If you were one of the wise ones who kept your workout habit going, now is the time to reap the benefits. You can earn sufficient funds by assisting someone in becoming as healthy as you are.

You can meet clients and groups at recreation centres, gyms, and even clients’ homes.

It would help if you fused your fitness education with nutritional guidance, and getting trained in emergency first aid is a smart idea.

UI/UX designers

UI/UX designers are in high demand in every industry. According to an Adobe survey of 500 managers and department heads, 87 percent of managers responded that recruiting more UI/UX designers is their organization’s top goal, and 73 percent said they plan to hire more UI/UX designers in the next five years. Almost two-thirds of respondents – 63%- indicated they hired five or more UI/UX designers in the preceding year.

Digital marketing

With 860,000 job opportunities, LinkedIn lists “Digital Marketing Specialist” as one of the top ten most in-demand careers. Social media, content planning, SEO, analytics, and other digital marketing skills are among the most sought after. Because digital marketing strategy has so many dimensions, the number of associated positions is relatively large.


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