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Insight & Analysis - February 8, 2022

10 Ways to Stay Productive When Overloaded with work

Being overworked has far-reaching consequences that go beyond unproductivity and creative block.

In the 21st century, the notion that working 24 hours a day is normality for most entrepreneurs, especially small business owners who are often understaffed, is a misconception. There is a big difference between working long, flexible hours, which makes you stay productive and overloaded with work that makes you feel overwhelmed. 

Being overworked has far-reaching consequences that go beyond unproductivity and creative block. The pressure to finish the task on time and not take a break might have significant long-term health repercussions. However, there are ways you can stay productive and still manage your overloaded work.

Improve Communication Across the Team

When you’re overloaded with work in your business, one of the ways to stay productive is to improve team communication about what each member of your staff should do each day. This is essential because it is easy for productivity to suffer when you have more work to do but less capable hands. Everyone knowing their tasks and how to execute them goes a long way to impact your business.

Create Priority Plans

Prioritise your work. In case you have employees, you can develop a priority plan for them and also assist them in locating resources for working when overloaded with work to ensure keeping with deadlines. This will keep everyone abreast of the clients and projects that are more important than others. Ensure to keep it basic and straightforward.

Organise Regular Meetings

It’s critical to have clear communication channels when working with the minimum number of people required in a business. You could hold a weekly team meeting to review key performance indicators (KPIs) and get feedback. You can also start one-on-one sessions with your team members to know how to handle their challenges and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Make the Most of Your Time

Time management is essential in any business. Ensure your team sets weekly objectives and prioritise. For instance, tech teams frequently employ sprints. This software application helps to iterate weekly and focus on a manageable volume of work to produce excellent outcomes steadily.

You can find software applications compatible with your business to make the workload look seamless and yield more productivity. Examine communication and processes that take up too much time and reduce them as much as possible. High productivity also boosts job happiness.

Emphasise Positive Reinforcement

Place a stronger focus on positive reinforcement. People appreciate when their additional efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. So ensure to express thanks to your employees for their efforts. You may even go a step farther by offering incentives or bonuses.

Extend Roles to Star Freelancers

There are instances when you have more work than you can handle yet can’t hire extra people. Extending some responsibilities to your part-time workers is one method to experience effective operations with your skeleton crew. It will indirectly be a win-win situation. You are still short on personnel, but you stay productive.

Give Your Trust and Support

Firstly, know that you have limited resources and ascertain that your staff knows the larger picture. Then offer them the support and confidence they need to do their tasks, from the most important to less.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Instead of being stressed and frustrated with yourself, staff and clients, concentrate on the positive aspects of your business. Try to remember the reason for your business, how you provide services to people, and how much influence you have made. Doing this will help you and your team to operate more efficiently and cheerfully, resulting in productivity.

Use Chatbots

Adapting chatbots for activities that need a basic search-and-retrieve from a database is one way of staying busy. There are several cheap chatbot solutions that you can add to your customer service toolset. Customers will simply need to type in a keyword or a few basic details, and the chatbot will bring up the appropriate information. This allows your employees to concentrate on critical tasks.

Give Incentives and Bonuses

Doing this will encourage your staff to work harder and stay productive. Also, creating an avenue for healthy competition will propel people into going the extra mile when there is a reward involved. 


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