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Visionaries - February 11, 2022

How African Billionaire, Nathan Kirsh Made $320 million in 14 Days

Kirsh is one of the African billionaires who's promoting the growth of indigenous businesses.

Nathan Kirsh, a Swazi businessman and one of the wealthiest billionaires of African heritage, has increased his net worth dramatically in the last two weeks, topping $7.9 billion this was disclosed by Bloomberg.

Due to an increase in the value of his most valuable asset, Jetro Holdings, Kirsh’s net worth has climbed by more than $320 million in the previous 14 days.

With a net worth of $7.91 billion, the Swazi billionaire was the 313th richest man in the world and the fourth richest individual in Africa at the time of writing.

A 75 percent ownership in Jetro Holdings, a New York-based conglomerate that handles two wholesale food firms in the United States, accounts for the majority of his fortune.

On the 25th of Jan, his net worth was assessed to be $7.59 billion on the first day of business and trade.

Since then, a persistent growth in the market value of his Jetro Holdings share has increased his net worth to $7.91 billion, equal to a $320 million gain for the billionaire businessman in the last two weeks.

The 75 percent share Nathan Kirsh of Jetro Holdings accounts for 61 percent of his overall fortune, with his holding in the New York-based conglomerate being valued at $4.8 billion in market value.

Many African millionaires have made their riches from the ground up, including Kirsh. His income began with a $1,630 bequest from his father, which he used to launch a corn and malt milling company.

His firm eventually evolved into a conglomerate, following legislation aimed at encouraging domestic enterprises in the nation, in a deliberate attempt to minimise Eswatini’s reliance on South Africa for basic necessities.

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