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Insight & Analysis - February 15, 2022

Top 5 Relevant Skills to Have in 2022

With the rise of automation, it is unsafe to depend on traditional degrees alone, but position for emerging fields. 

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2020 Report, 50% of the population will need to upskill in five years. Hence, you need to learn new relevant skills to remain valuable in the workforce. Gartner reiterated in their research that 58% of the workforce requires new abilities to do their tasks.

With the rise of automation, it is unsafe to depend on traditional degrees alone, but position for emerging fields. Elon Musk said, “Skills matter more than degrees”. As a result of the emerging technological advancement in the world, here are some relevant skills you need in 2022.

Data Analytics and Science

Clive Robert Humby, British Mathematician, said, “Data is the new oil”. It is difficult to picture today’s work market without data scientists. The skill is needed in industries thus, there is a high demand for it in nearly every industry, including healthcare, banking, shipping, and e-commerce.

A data scientist gathers, assesses, and processes data into actionable instructions. They tackle a wide range of challenges in today’s commercial environment through the information gathered because of their analytical talents and superior programming expertise. Since the future revolves around data, there will be a high demand.

Artificial Intelligence

Just as data is the new oil, Andrew Yan-Tak Ng, a computer scientist, said, “AI is the new electricity”. This is because AI has no limit, and the variety of AI applications is increasing larger and deeper as the amount of data expands. AI is no longer a niche issue; it quickly becomes a broad approach to problem resolution. For instance, Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, employs AI primarily to estimate demand. Machine learning algorithms can predict the amount of items required, lowering storage costs and client expenses.

Through the aid of AI, living is made more accessible, and things such as face recognition software, self-driving vehicles, and even surgical robots are all achievable. Likewise, new fields of use are continuously developing. You need a strong background in software design, statistics, programming, and engineering to be one.

UX/UI Design

This is known as user experience and user interface design. As companies are increasing their visibility through website creation, they need expertise making it one of the relevant skills. As of January 2020, there were about 1.94 billion web pages, and in 2021, there was over 4 million Android and iOS mobile apps accessible for download.

To keep the users in mind, UX designers collaborate closely with various disciplines. They provide digital services that make people’s life easier and more convenient. UX/UI designers must be well-versed in various topics such as user research, prototyping, and information architecture.

Web Development

Web development makes web applications and information on the internet feasible. People are now dependent on the internet to get information, indicating that demand for Web developers will continue to increase.

Apart from creating web-based software solutions often known as web apps, they are also responsible for the continued development, maintenance, and optimisation of current online applications. Whether working on the client or server-side, a Web Developer’s responsibilities are separated into front-end and back-end development. On the other hand, full-stack developers are at ease on both sides.

To be in this field, you must have background knowledge of various coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML, SEO, and responsive design.

Data & IT Security

Without the internet and contemporary technologies, today’s civilisation would be impossible to envisage. Even while these innovations have many advantages, it would be stupid to ignore their risks. To navigate the digital environment securely, employees must understand how to defend themselves and their businesses from cyber-attacks. Because the repercussions of cybercrime are frequently costly.

Therefore, employees should be educated on various security dangers, including malware, phishing, and IoT assaults. Even if there is a high level of knowledge of this issue, it is rarely enough. Also, your personnel should understand how to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals’ data is typically worth millions of dollars, and since data is the new oil, your assets should be safeguarded.


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