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Tips - February 17, 2022

3 Reasons Why Most People Will Never Be Rich

To be considered rich, you need to have more money than at least 80% of the population. Here's why only the top 20% attain this status.

You need to be deliberate if you want to be rich and be among the top 20%. Simply leaving everything to chance and hoping for the best is one of the key reasons some people will never be rich. We all have the potential to amass wealth, but only a few people will make this a reality. 

It has nothing to do with where you were born, your gender or the colour of your skin. To be considered rich, you need to have more money than at least 80% of the population. This is the law that makes it impossible for everyone to be rich. So if you’re tired of worrying about money and want to kickstart generational wealth, this one’s for you. 

Here are some of the reasons why most people will never be rich.

Unwillingness to Learn

people never be rich
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Most people aren’t open to learning something new. They aren’t willing to acquire highly valuable skills that could turn their lives around. To be part of the rich, you must be ready to embrace a high level of risk. But only a few people attain this level of sacrifice and discipline. 

Location-Based Drawbacks

people never be rich

Sometimes you need to leave your geographical location to explore new opportunities. Get out of your comfort zone and step into the unknown. Virtually 80% of people aren’t willing to take this risk. So their lives start and end where they were born. They aren’t necessarily going to be poor because of this, but it dramatically reduces their opportunity to be rich, especially if their community isn’t the most commercially vibrant. 

Not understanding their physical and mental limits


Know your limits regarding productivity and make the best of your work hours. Learn to benefit from delayed gratification. Devote your time to building something that will pay off in the long run; not every endeavour yields immediate fruit. 

You must commit to developing skills that add value rather than being entertained. Most people aren’t willing and will quit halfway. The riches game is primarily a winner-takes-all. If you quit at any point, you’ll likely get nothing. 

Leverage Luck & Timing

people never be rich
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If you’re alive and healthy, you’re lucky. You’ve got all the fundamentals to go out there and amass wealth. The next thing will be to get your timing right. Many people today are rich because they knew when to take action. Consider some businesses in the past that made millions but today are obsolete. People who benefited from those understood the opportunities of their time. You need to pinpoint opportunities that are open to you today and position to take advantage of them. You have access to curated information on the internet, which spotlights some of the best opportunities in your country and around the world.

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