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Insight & Analysis - February 19, 2022

5 Most Dangerous African Countries in 2022

Just as every continent has their fair share of dangerous destinations, African countries are not left out.

Africa is a stunning continent that attracts travellers looking for adventures, cultural encounters, and enlightenment. Tourists visiting African nations are typically looking for once-in-a-lifetime vistas and experiences. Just as every continent has their fair share of dangerous destinations, African countries are not left out.

Some of the most hazardous areas to visit globally are also in Africa. According to the 2021 Global Peace Index (GPI), the rating is based on current economic, political, and governance conditions and crime statistics. 

Here are the five most dangerous African countries you should be extra cautious about when you visit.

South Sudan

South Sudan is the newest country in Africa, with Juba as its capital. Although the country was able to conduct a peaceful referendum to separate itself from the rest of Sudan, it ranked 160 on the 2021 Global Peace Index as one of the most dangerous African countries. It ranked 161 in 2020, which indicates a growth with a score of 3.363 in the world.

However, the country witnessed its fair share of ethnic bloodshed and civil conflict for about ten years. In 2020, the country’s opposition leaders Riek Machar and Salva Kiir finally reached a concession and created a coalition government. As a result of the unrest, the country is unsafe for tourists or visitors, especially journalists. 

According to the US State Department, journalists are known for being raped and sexually assaulted. Also, crimes such as carjacking, robberies, kidnappings, and other shootings are widespread.

dangerous African countries
Source: Anadolu Agency


Somalia ranked 158 on the 2021 Global Peace Index as Africa’s most dangerous country to visit. It ranked 163 in 2020, which indicates a growth with a score of 3.211 in the world. 

Terrorism, civil unrest, health issues, and piracy are common phenomena in Somalia. Also, terrorists usually target high-traffic sites that visitors are expected to visit, such as hotels, seaports, government offices, restaurants, and airports. In these places, terrorists have been known to plot and carry out attacks and kidnappings. For security measures, ensure to keep your valuables safe, as flashing them can attract unwanted attention.

The Supreme Revolutionary Council ruled the Somali Democratic Republic in the late 1960s. However, the Somali Civil War in 1980 brought the calm to an end, and the majority of communities reverted to traditional rules. According to the 2020 World Report, Somalia is now dealing with violent conflicts, humanitarian problems, and a lack of state security. Federal and regional authorities also limit freedom of expression and media freedom.

dangerous African countries
Source: The Guardian

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The Democratic Republic of Congo ranked 157 on the 2021 Global Peace Index as Africa’s most dangerous country to visit. It ranked 155 in 2020, which indicates a decline with a score of 3.196 in the world. 

Since 2015, there has been a persistent armed conflict in Kivu’s eastern area. Despite its natural resources, the country has been unable to profit due to weak infrastructure, political instability in governance, significant corruption, and minimal growth. Also, most DRC residents are impoverished due to centuries of colonial exploitation, inadequate infrastructure, corruption, armed conflict, and political instability.

The eastern area of Kivu is, however, the most hazardous. Due to the rate of military conflict, horrific killings, abduction, and thievery, millions of the populations have fled to neighbouring states.

dangerous African countries
Source: Council on Foreign Relations


Libya ranked 156 on the 2021 Global Peace Index as the most dangerous country to visit in Africa and retained its position from the 2020 ranking with a score of 3.166 in the world. 

Libya has been an unstable country since the Libyan Civil War. Even with its wonderful scenery and gorgeous antique ruins, it is regrettably one of the most hazardous countries in Africa due to civil conflict. Libya has suspended touring, and some airports have been shut down entirely as the possibility of an assault on commercial transportation is high.

Also, a second civil war erupted in Tripoli, this time between the western-backed government and the eastern-backed government of Tobruk. The involvement of several Islamic and tribal militias has made it even more brutal. 

According to the US State Department, the possibility of crime and abduction for ransom in Libya is significant, particularly for Westerners and US citizens. Terrorist organisations target tourist destinations such as shopping malls, restaurants, airports, and hotels in Libya. Even in major towns like Tripoli and Surman, many Islamic and tribal militias inflict havoc.

Source: International Committee of the Red Cross

Central African Republic

The central African Republic ranked 155 on the 2021 Global Peace Index as Africa’s most dangerous country to visit. It ranked 157 in 2020, indicating a growth with a score of 3.131 globally. 

The country is still embroiled in a civil conflict that has yet to see a definitive truce since it began in 2012. Despite having major valued minerals and resources like crude oil, diamonds, gold, uranium, timber, cobalt, and hydropower, as well as vast quantities of arable land, the country remains one of the world’s ten poorest countries.

Source: The Guardian


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