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Tips - February 28, 2022

3 Ways to Deal with Fake Problems that Can Cripple Your Growth

Understanding how you’re tricking yourself to achieve less.

Our minds are powerful, and as a form of defence mechanism, they can create fake problems that can cripple our growth. It’ll create fake reasons why you can be an entrepreneur, learn a new skill, or read a book. Even when you get a hint that the problem might be fake, your mind still finds a way to believe that it’s real. 

Often called the Lizard brain, our limbic system can keep us in a prison of fake problems. We can believe there’s a major challenge holding us back from reaching a certain goal until we see someone else achieve the same thing with ease.

It can be devasting to know you just lost out on a huge opportunity simply because of a seemingly insurmountable challenge that your mind made up. 

So how do you deal with fake problems that could cripple your growth? 

1. Ignore them

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It’s common knowledge that ignoring a problem won’t make it go away, but if you ignore a fake problem, it will cease to exist. So start fighting back. Start reading that book, or writing that business plan, and ignore that voice telling you it’s not possible. 

2. Reward Yourself

The thing with fake problems is that your mind tricks you into believing that the risk is greater than the reward. So rather than laying on your bed in the morning, thinking you’re too exhausted to exercise, create a reward for doing just that. Decide you’ll go jogging in the street or on that treadmill, but after which you’ll get yourself that special smoothie you love. 

3. Turn Fake Problems into Opportunities

Your mind will sometimes trick you into thinking you can’t register at the gym because you don’t have gym clothes. Or that business is only meant for people who come from entrepreneurial families. The best way to deal with this is to turn these fake problems into real opportunities. Don’t have gym clothes? Buy one fit for an Olympic athlete. Don’t have a reading table? Buy a bigger pillow and read while being comfy. 

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