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Money - March 11, 2022

Should You Chase Money or Passion?

The race to attain the picture-perfect life has elevated the school of thought that ‘money answereth all things.’ Whether that is a misconstrued scriptural statement or not is debatable. But in today’s world, where everyone is racing on the fast lane, the answer to the question of ‘money or passion’ is crystal clear.

‘Money is the principal tool for achieving a luxurious life’ to the average millennials and generation Z. While this is true, studies have shown that getting the money while doing something you don’t love doesn’t guarantee happiness.

The goal of every entrepreneur is to make money, which also means they don’t have to like what they do. But studies have shown that choosing money over passion is costly in the long run.

Having money can ease quite many things, but it can come at the expense of what you love. A basic rule states that the more money you make, the more money you want.

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Pursuing a career you love won’t drain you as much as striving hard to make money will; hence it’s a question of what you value more, money or Passion? According to some self-made millionaires, being creative and innovative can be limited if you hate what you do. 

The desire for more money often propels many into taking a job or getting into a business they have zero affinity for.

Your focus and energy can play a vital role in how you make money. This is why Oprah Winfrey said, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

There is nothing wrong with chasing money; however, if your ideology is to simply keep making more money, it can quickly undermine your happiness. 

Pros and Cons of chasing money 

Asking yourself what will make you happy might be the first step to making a choice. But if you are not brave enough to ask yourself honest questions, here is are the consequences.


  • Money can take care of your material needs
  • It improves the quality of your life
  • You get to save time with aides and servants
  • Financial security


  • Work might feel forced.
  • You are obligated to keep working more hours. 
  • Can change your relationships.
  • Changes your sense of morality.
  • It comes with more expectations that can be quite overwhelming.
Should You Chase Money or Passion?

Pros and Cons of following your passion

Having money can sure ease a lot of things for you; it can change the quality of your life in no time. However, doing a job you so much hate for money is not exciting, and it can quickly drain you out. Here are the pros and cons for further enlightenment.


  • Following your dream leads to fulfilled and no regret life.
  • Work won’t feel draining. 
  • You get more creative.
  • Motivated to work and be innovative. 
  • Improves the quality of your focus.
  • Money can follow.
  • You wake up happier and can grow as a person.
  • It helps you live a simpler contented life.

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  • Likely to lose friends.
  • Pressure to do better can be enormous.
  • Lack of financial security.
  • Disappointments. 
  • Passion can fail or change. 

According to French billionaire and Louis Vuitton founder, Bernard Arnault, “Money is just a consequence I always say to my team, ‘Don’t worry too much about profitability. If you do your job well, the profitability will come.”

How to balance chasing your dream and money

While chasing money, you can easily lose the key to happiness, and if you choose to direct all your energy towards your dream, you can end up in disappointments and debts. Hence, the key is striking a balance. 

In order words, if all of your focus is on making more money, you are likely to wake up every day hating what you do. Your mindset also determines how you see chasing money and Passion. You will need a growth mindset to follow your dream and be successful at it. 

Money and passion happen to be intertwined. Following your passion alone is unlikely to get you through the door of debts which explains why chasing money is a more embraced method of success. So, here are simple ways you can keep a balance.

Inject your passion into your life and current work

Incorporate your passion into your life and current job. Don’t turn in your resignation immediately if you’re an employee. Instead, turn your Passion into a side hustle. This allows you to gain experience and get better at it. 


Building anything meaningful takes time. Patience is an essential attribute if you choose to chase your passion. 

Iconic American author Napoleon Hill says, “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

Compromising allows you to have a taste of both worlds. While doing what you love, figure out how to make money from it. Let your passion fuel your desire for success but ensure to have lots of patience while you are at it. Research enables you to learn the basic facts and find a way to utilize them. 

Keep trying

Your superpower is in what you are good at; utilize that in the money-making scheme. A Forbes article cites “weight gain, depression, anxiety, stress, and loss of sleep” as byproducts of ‘job dissatisfaction.

Do your research

One of the best professional advice you will get is to carry out robust research. Research helps you understand your passion area better and will help you make informed decisions. 

Improve and promote your skills

If you want recognition and a chance to stand out, you need to keep seeking improvement. Build an online portfolio that helps you stay relevant in your chosen field. Be consistent with what you create.

Do not eliminate money from the equation completely, but it shouldn’t be your main focus either. The less money rules your mission, the less scary or disappointing you will be when your career doesn’t kick off at first.

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