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Insight & Analysis - March 12, 2022

7 How to Make Consistent Sales in Your Business in 2022

The priority of every new business is launching its product or service and aggressively marketing it to create brand visibility and ultimately make sales. However, after some time, the momentum naturally wanes, which leads to a lack of consistent sales for the business.

Cash flow or revenue is the lifeblood of a business, and if you don’t have consistent sales, it would be challenging to keep your business solvent. You’ll be unable to hire or pay employees, pay your expenses, and provide for yourself. 

Here are what you can do to have consistent sales in your business in the remaining nine months of 2022.

Create a Whatsapp Funnel

Although the Whatsapp funnel is an unpopular marketing strategy, it is very effective. In marketing, a funnel allows you to prepare your prospects for sales by moving them from one level of awareness to the next. This has four steps: awareness, interest, decision, and action.

This is the same with Whatsapp. To have consistent sales, you need to have an effective funnel. A good funnel approach will help you complete more transactions and make more money and sales.

You can do this through ads, freemium, and so on. But be consistent with it. When people come on board your Whatsapp, you take them through the four processes.

Market to them (awareness) but do not immediately sell. While marketing, you create captivating, educative and high-value content that will get your prospects’ attention (interest) and earn you their trust. Once they trust you, they will patronise your product and business inevitably.

Get into people’s circle of influence

For more sales, you need to expand your customer base. This is because you might have exhausted your customers’ catch net and need to get your product or services to new faces. To do this, you need to connect with other people. You can do this through affiliate marketing, word of mouth marketing, running Ads, giveaways, among others.

Also, this is where your network becomes your net worth. Your friends or network usually have people they know that you don’t. They can use their influence to tell their contacts about your product or services in their space. Through this, you are expanding and increasing your sales.

Invest in running ads on Google

People tend to skip this and focus on every other thing. But the fact is once you master Google ads, you will always sell out. Therefore, work on learning target marketing, google ads and keywords research.

Keyword research is essential because knowing the keywords compatible with your business will make it more visible on google. You can use applications such as Ubersuggest to learn the keywords that are good for your business.

Focus on transformational relationships instead of transactional relationships

In a transactional relationship, the customers go their way after patronising your products or services. Transformational relationship, on the other hand, is customer-centric. After the business transaction, you do a follow up on the customer. You build loyalty and give rewards.

You build a life-changing relationship with your customers instead of just a buyer-seller relationship. Through this, you build trust, and when they need something, they will patronise you and recommend you to others. 

This will help you retain your customers and generate more, leading to more sales and more turnover.

Do Facebook retargeting ads

This is the type of ads you show again to customers who have visited your website or showed interest in your products or services. The main aim of the ads is to retarget them. These people have shown interest before but didn’t buy probably due to some reasons. The ads will serve as a follow-up and a reminder.

Use lead magnets to collect emails

You can get your customers’ emails through the freemium you gave them. Sending messages to your customers will make them feel connected to you. This, in turn, will build a better relationship and boost consistent sales.

Target the emails to customers already familiar with your product to ensure they can relate to it. This will evitably lead to sales eventually.

Create a valuable case study

Don’t just create content but create content that focuses on value and case studies. This is because people can relate more to real scenarios than just theories. The case studies will resonant with your customers as they will have all the facts on why they should patronise you. This will yield more sales for you.

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