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Business - March 12, 2022

How to Attract your First 100 Customers

The excitement of starting your own business can quickly wear out if there is no solid strategy on how to attract customers and make sales.

Starting your own business is a major milestone, and it’s quite clear that having your first set of customers is more of an art than science. The tactic is to try out different methods and see what works. 

There has to be a launching strategy no matter what you put into the market. Many businesses fail not due to the good or bad quality of their product or service but the inability to attract customers effectively. 

Customer development is a needed tactic, and here is a comprehensive strategy on how to attract the right customers. It will help you generate your first 100 customers at the least.

1. Build your customer profile and network

The first step you want to take is to build a customer profile. This also means you need to work with your existing network, including your family and friends. Ask questions. And if your product is for a specific niche, you want to establish what they want. 

If your existing network isn’t that big or working, a professional networking event can help you meet people. Leverage social media as well; this is quite an effective method. Seek out key contacts or like-minded people on social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google plus.

You need to map out what your customers want then build your business around it. Below is a proper understanding of how to create a compelling customer profile. 

  • Demographics – Age, Income, Gender
  • Psychographics – Values, Lifestyle, Attitudes
  • Buying habits – Brands they buy? How do they buy? Where do they buy it? Have they tried anything else? 

Follow and connect with your customers online as well. Ask all the right questions, and work with their feedback.

2. Understand the sales funnel

Once you’ve established the identity of your ideal customers, creating a sales funnel is the next step. It’s also called the customer journey. Understanding the sales funnel is how to attract customers and retain them.

Here are the stages of the sales funnel and how to optimise them.

I. Awareness – Attract prospects to your product. Your brand messaging must be engaging and efficient to make your prospects receptive to future engagements.

II. Consideration – Engage with the prospects and earn their trust by providing value for free. For example, you could share valuable information while subtly positioning your product as the best choice to assuage their pain point. You might also need to provide social proof for credibility. 

III. Conversion – Offer trial or demo to eliminate all doubts and mainly to convert them. 

IV. Advocacy – This is the stage where your customers become more than just customers and will speak favourably of your product to their circle.

V. Purchase – It measures the success of your sales funnel. 

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3. Create messaging and networking strategies

This process involves creating the right messaging for each part of the funnel. This way, you can keep the communication going. 90% of your communication with most of your prospects will be online, so it’s vital to have an excellent online connection. 

In addition, you need to make calls; this is another very effective marketing strategy. Do not focus mainly on those who have moved down the funnel. Call your churning customers. You need to know who has been using your product and how to ensure they come back. Hence, reach out as much as you can.

Get your name out there as much as you can. The networking tactic is quite an important one. It is considered easy to create your customer base if you have a solid online profile. 

There are development tools like LinkedIn and Quora. While cold emails might not be as effective as you want, Quora and LinkedIn will help prospects see your profile, thereby increasing your credibility. Also, target and pay for Facebook and Instagram ads.

4. Create great content

One of the most effective tools to attract customers is having great content. Your content has to be captivating enough to trigger engagement. 

If you have a business blog, get creative and spread the word about your product using engaging content. Statistics show that people will buy more of your products if it is advertised in an exciting and captivating way. 

Furthermore, building an email list is another pathway to bonding with your customers. Keep the content of the email valuable and interactive. 

5. Work backwards

The four tactics above are sure to get your customers lined up in no time. This is why you need to keep a report, and you might have to revisit these strategies and tweak them when needed. The goal is to turn a cold audience into loyal customers.

Once you get your first 100 customers, the rest is to strengthen your relationship with them while driving more prospects into your funnel. While these strategies might seem elementary, they are very effective.


To ensure your startup makes its first 100 customers, you have to be open to all the legwork involved.

Finally, keep a weekly report of your progress and reach as many relevant people as possible. Monitor, revise, and consistently measure the success of your marketing effort to help you maximise your goal. 

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