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5 African Countries with the Lowest Minimum Wage

No doubt, African countries need to reevaluate their minimum wages

African countries are part of the list of nations with the lowest minimum wages in the world. Minimum wages are set by the government in order to protect workers from exploitation and improve the standards of living of citizens. Unfortunately, this aim is defeated in most African countries where workers have to settle for slave wages.

When a person’s entire livelihood depends on low wages and poor working conditions, slave wages are at play. 

Nigerian lawmakers set to remove the constraints on the nation’s minimum wage In 2021, this prompted a response from the Nigeria labor congress president describing it as setting Nigeria workers back to slave wages.

In 2018, South African workers took to the street to protest what was considered to be a poverty wage. The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU), described it as a “poverty wage on which no one should be expected to live”.

No doubt, African countries need to reevaluate their minimum wages. Let’s have a look at acute cases on the continent. 

1. Uganda

Uganda’s minimum wage is about 6000 shillings per month approximately $0.17, making up a total of about $95 per year. The nation’s minimum wage was last reviewed in 1884

2. Central Africa Republic 

Central Africa Republic’s minimum wage is said to be amongst the lowest amount a worker can legally earn which is about 218.75 CFA francs per hr approximately $0.37  with a sum total of 35,000 CFA ($58.81)  per month. 

Sadly, workers in most African countries have to settle for slave wages.

3. Rwanda

There is no national set minimum wage it is based on an agreement between an employer and the employee which can lead to workers’ exploitation and wage slavery. Rwanda’s minimum wage varies from 500 to1000 Rwandan francs per day $0.83 in the tea industry and 1500 to 5000 francs a day ($2.50 to $8.30) in the construction industry. 

4. Malawi

The minimum wage in Malawi is fixed at MK 687.70 per day. Which is about $0.85 per hour  Malawi’s Minimum Wage is the lowest amount a worker can be legally paid.

5. Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau’s minimum wage is 19,030 CFA francs which is $30 monthly. In a year, an average worker earns $993.00 in Guinea. Also, each worker is compensated with a bag of rice alongside their wages. There are 101 countries with a higher Minimum Wage than Guinea Bissau, making it one of the lowest. 

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