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Lists - March 17, 2022

5 Reasons Millionaires Lose Their Friends

Ensure you don’t lose vital friends once you ascend the millionaire mountain. 

You’d often hear that “It’s lonely at the top”. This is a hint at why most millionaires lose their friends once they’ve joined the class of affluent individuals.

There’s been so much debate around why people begin to ditch their friends once they become millionaires. If you already aren’t, we trust you’re well on your way to counting the millions. In this one, we’ll ensure you don’t lose vital friends once you ascend the millionaire mountain. 

Let’s look at five significant reasons why millionaires lose their friends. 

1. Friends Become Jealous

It’s easy to think that everyone is jealous of your fortune, once you become a millionaire. Some friends may push their insecurities on you and become jealous. But this isn’t applicable to everyone. 

Millionaires get suspicious of everyone around them; it’s a perception that comes with wealth. But you must understand that they are still a couple of friends who want to be supportive and find inspiration from your success. 

2. The Status Gap is a Formidable

Once you become a millionaire, you simply can’t live like your friends in the middle or lower class. Your change in status could be the major reason why you’ll leave them behind. The only way to maintain a connection with these people is to drop to their level. And since that is not an option, most millionaires lose their friends. 

3. When Friends aren’t Inspiring

It’s been said countless times that your friends determine how far you can go. Millionaires are highly motivated and inspired people. They are often turned off by friends who lack motivation and take little or no action to control the trajectory of their lives. In this case, millionaires will lose their friends and find a more inspiring group of individuals to connect with. 

4. When Friends Turn You into a Personal ATM

As a millionaire, you’re often the go-to when it comes to footing bills. This isn’t necessarily because your friends are greedy. They expect you to cover their bills because you’re aware of their financial state. 

There’s nothing wrong with providing occasional financial assistance to friends. But when it becomes a habit, you’re encouraging them to be poor. And in the long run, you could find yourself in the same financial state as your friends. This is why millionaires lose friends who turn them into something of a personal ATM. 

5. Millionaires Lose Touch With Reality

Millionaires aren’t the most concerned about the rising cost of food, housing, or fuel. They just know they can get anything they want. So when friends express worries over the cost of living, they find it hard to relate. 

A lot of power comes with being affluent. This makes most millionaires lose their friends. The friend feels ignored and backs out. And the millionaire mistakes some true concerns for being whiny or naggy, and let go of the friendship.

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