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Lists - March 17, 2022

You have 60k Thoughts Daily: 5 Ways to Generate Ones that Matter

An average human has between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts every day, and 80% of those thoughts are negative, and 95% are repetitions .

Humans are thoughts machines, and if we could jot down all of the things that cross our minds daily, we would notice that positive ones that matter the most come with a lot of negative ones.

This is because the average human has between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts every day. 80% of those thoughts are negative, and 95% are repetitions of the day before thoughts.

The mind, however, inclines to dwell on the negative and continuously repeat it. These are unfounded anxieties, regrets, and complaints about ourselves and others.

A study done at Cornell University discovered that 85% of what people worry about never happens; out of the 15% of fears that people experienced, 79% learned that they could handle the challenge better than expected or learnt a valuable lesson. 

This shows that 97% of the anxieties experienced are unwarranted and stem from a pessimistic mindset. These unfounded concerns constitute a significant source of stress, tension, and tiredness for the mind, physical body, and work-life.

Since having these thoughts daily influence what we do, how we live, and what we accomplish, here are ways to generate the ones that matter.

Make an effort to more self-aware

We frequently operate on an unconscious pattern of merely going through the motions of our day. However, you live your life in the present moment by being mindful, completely aware and alert.

Instead of going from one activity to the other, stop and take a moment to connect with your inner self, which is the centre of completeness. This will invariably help you identify with the real you and lead to your true self. 

Doing this can help you see and connect with new possibilities in everything and fully appreciate this magnificent gift of life.

Control the brain from overthinking

The mind naturally thrives on distraction and enjoys being occupied. It’s your duty to educate it on remaining quiet and calm. You may focus your attention and consciousness on your breath to be calm when distracted or not attentive. 

Doing this allows you to connect with the completeness that exists within. You can feel it when taking a stroll, observing nature, or sitting quietly.

Try Breathing Excercises

Breathing exercises enable you to retrace your step, renew your energy, and quickly receive deep relaxation. This allows you to be optimistic, aware and full of energy. Once at this level of consciousness, being creative, effective, and happy will be an easy fit.

Though the mind, when jumbled, can be the greatest difficulty and hindrance, if well handled, it can also be the greatest friend, assisting in reaching new levels of personal and professional attainment.

Observe the world around you

Instead of being preoccupied and mixing all your thoughts, take the time to savour the world around you. For instance, when stopping at a red light look out the car window, you may notice something on the street that will intrigue and inspire you.

You could feel alive and vibrant by balancing the daily schedule of work, housework, and errands with taking present moment intervals to stop your thoughts from going on autopilot.

Maintain a sense of neutrality while navigating the moment

When confronted with frightening, tough, or confusing thoughts, staying present in the moment might be difficult. Instead of opposing whatever thoughts are swelling in your brain, opening up to them allows you to relax into them, learn from them, and discover what resonates within.

You take command of and control your thoughts when you relax into them. You go through it with a sense of neutrality because you are no longer confining or responding to it but rather allowing it to be.

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