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Entrepreneurs - Visionaries - March 18, 2022

Non-Rich People Share Out-of-Touch Advice from Wealthy People they Hate the Most

Bridging the social-economic divide through the realities of the lower class.

Sometimes wealthy people lose touch with the realities of being in the lower class. They’ll offer advice to the poor, with no regard for the unique underlying challenges. In this one, non-rich people share the advice from wealthy people they hate the most. 

Wealth inequality continues to intensify around the world, with 80% of Africa’s population languishing in poverty. We want to bridge the divide through the realities of the lower class. This is inspired by the responses on the Buzzfeed community. Let’s go!

1. Money can’t buy happiness.

While this holds in a lot of ways, it’s a lot harder to be happy when you’re broke. Dwelling on money for happiness will only get you so far. But you’ll need to be able to afford the basic things in life to find the composure to explore happiness from within. 

“Money can help someone and their children afford a better neighborhood with good schools and safe parks. Money can help someone afford the therapy they need. Money can help with not only affording healthcare but also dental and vision.” — lanarama

2. Anything has to do with earning their fortune themselves

Most billionaires you see today had a very solid foundation. Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote came from a wealthy family. And being the vibrant entrepreneur that he is, he’s turned that opportunity into millions of dollars. Becoming a billionaire from ‘nothing’ required the perfect blend of expertise and luck. 

“Millionaires, I can see, but it’s not possible for billionaires to work that much harder or be that much smarter than everyone else. It’s always a mix of unearned privilege, systemic advantages, and sheer luck. Implying that you earned billions implies that other people can, too, if they try hard enough, and that’s not the case.”—spiderplantstrength

3. Make a budget, and you’ll be able to save money

This advice seems very logical, but no amount of budget can cure a low income. When you can barely live through a month on your income, budgeting isn’t your biggest problem. You need to start earning more. 

“I can make all the budgets in the world, but unless there’s more income, there’s only so much cutting down of expenses you can do without eliminating basic necessities. It doesn’t work for everyone.” —rosy051381

“I am a master at making a budget. That’s not the problem. Lack of money TO budget is the problem.” —shawns23

4. You don’t need outside help to be rich

You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon to become wealthy. Greats like media maven, Oprah Winfrey, former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz and Oracle founder, Larry Ellison all came from poor backgrounds.

However, this is not denying that coming from a rich family exponentially increases your chance at affluence. 

“People whose parents or grandparents paid for their college, cars, etc., stop telling the rest of us how hard you worked. My family was not poor but definitely not rich enough to pay my tuition or buy me a car. I could not do unpaid internships because I had to work two jobs while doing full-time classes while driving a POS car, in which I always kept a spare quart of oil and a bottle of engine coolant.” — dellarock

5. Invest in stocks

This advice comes up very regularly, and for non-rich folks, it’s up there with advice from wealthy people they hate the most. Investing in stocks can exponentially increase your wealth. However, it’s a high-risk investment, especially when you can’t afford to lose money in the stock market.

“I have $50 to last me the rest of the month. I’m going to buy food with it instead. Investments are risky, especially when you don’t have any money to fall back on.” — princesspea09

“There are so many things I have to think about first. I still don’t have more than two months’ expenses saved. What if I get a bad hospital bill? What if my car gets totaled? Then, making extra payments on student loans and medical bills so I’m not in debt forever. There’s a long list of things that any extra money has to go to before I can even think about fiddling with the stock market.” —taylynngabbey

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