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Entrepreneurs - March 24, 2022

Why are Some People Scared of Success? Here are 7 Reasons

The fear of success can be mistaken with the fear of failure, as both can prevent you from realising your total capacity. 

Oftentimes, people are not really scared of success but its cost. Success comes at a cost, and many are not ready to pay the price. This limiting mindset holds some people back forever. 

However, fear of success might be mistaken with fear of failure, as both can prevent you from realising your total capacity. 

Fear of failure stems from berating yourself when you believe you have failed.

On the other hand, the fear of success stems from the uncertainty of how others will react to your accomplishment. 

Here are some of the reasons people are scared of success.

Fear of becoming lost

Some people are yet to master the ability to manage their ego. As a result, they are scared that attaining success or making a lot of money would amplify their ego and change who they are.

It is, therefore, possible that you have the impression that success will transform you negatively; as such, you are holding back.

You need to know that money is nothing more than a tool. You have power over how you act and think, no matter how successful you get.

Fear of backlash

People sometimes develop a fear of success due to social or relational consequences. According to a study in 2017, this is known as backlash avoidance. Women, for example, may reject self-promotion because they believe it contradicts established gender norms.

From the study, women tend to correlate success with more negative outcomes. As a result, people follow these standards out of fear of social or economic repercussions.

Fear of failing to measure up

People who have achieved success are sometimes scared that they are not as exceptional as others in their area. They are concerned that they will not measure up or that people will realise they are not up to the task.

If you have this fear, you have what is called imposter syndrome. It is self-doubt that persists irrespective of your qualifications, experience, and achievements. Even when people laud your abilities, you chalk up your victories to chance and timing.

Fear of being judged

The fear of rejection has stopped some people from putting themselves out there. This holds people back and makes the majority miss out on essential possibilities that may have led to success and fulfilment.

The fear of being in the limelight

Some introverted people may be scared of success because they don’t want to be in the spotlight. With the rise of social media, this concern has grown much more widespread.

From a study, Instagram is the worst social media network for young people’s mental health and wellness. 

Although it promotes self-expression, it contributes to high anxiety, despair, bullying and fear of missing out (FOMO).

However, just because everyone is not cut out for the spotlight is not an excuse to pull back or be frightened to succeed.

Fear of change

An overpowering dread of change is one of the most prevalent reasons you allow the fear of success to hold you back. 

This is because people have a set of fixed habits, and changing to an unknown tends to be scary.

The only constant thing is change. If you attempt something new and fail, you likely will return to your old habits. However, if you try anything and succeed, you have entered the unknown ground.

Fear of losing friends

We develop when we succeed, which entails a change of scenery in certain situations. As a result, you may find yourself outgrowing your circle of friends. It’s important to realise that friendships can terminate for various reasons.

If you don’t have genuine friends, it means the end of an unhealthy connection. This means you will only concentrate on the crucial things in your life when you have let go of pointless ties.

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