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Money - March 25, 2022

10 Apps Rich People Love to Use 

Inside the app drawer of the world richest people. 

When most people refer to social media and other apps, they probably mean the ones that everyone uses. Most people aren’t aware that are exclusive apps rich people use to amass wealth. 

While most of these applications are free, their memberships are so expensive that most individuals cannot afford to use them. This leaves only people with annual incomes of at least a few hundred thousand dollars to do so.

The ultra-rich do not use the internet like everyone else. Instead of Amazon, Instagram, and Tinder, they have their private applications and websites.

Rich people use powerful apps that can facilitate the acquisition of private jets and book vacations across the world.

Here are 10 apps the rich people use.

1. Twitter 

When it came to content consumption, wealthy people were polled on their favourite apps. 

Their go-to app turned out to be Twitter. Perhaps you use Twitter to send amusing remarks and memes. However, it is used as a news platform by the wealthy.

You can get real-time news if you take your time curating your feed. They are usually more filtered and suited to your interests. This is in contrast to what you see on television.

Simply follow the journalists you enjoy, and communicate with people you admire on a regular basis. It will make a significant difference.

2. Luxy 

Luxy bills itself as a billionaire dating site comparable to Tinder. But with a full background check that includes tax returns verification to ensure that its members are truly earning six figures.

Consider it Tinder, but with your net worth displayed next to your profile photo for all to see. Alternatively, you can swipe away. You’ll run into supermodels, CEOs, celebrities, and international athletes there. Second, monthly fees for utilizing the app range from $99 to $999, and are essential for users to be able to send messages to one another.

3. Coinbase and Binance

Almost everyone has a crypto management app on their phone in this day and age of technology. This is where they keep their hot wallets. The wealthy are wise enough to store their cryptocurrency in hardware wallets.

Even so, you’ll need some for quick transactions. Higher-net-worth individuals, on the other hand, have a custodian who looks after their assets. It’s possible that a millionaire is trading on their own. As a result, having the app on your phone comes in handy.

4. James Edition and Sotheby’s International Realty 

Everyone knows that the wealthy are extremely busy and would gladly delegate some of their time-consuming chores to someone or something else. One of these jobs is looking for luxury real estate and working with agents, which is where Sotheby’s International Realty comes in.

For many wealthy people, the app saves time by providing virtual tours of properties and one-click interaction with the company’s agents and brokers.

James Edition is referred to as “The World’s Largest Luxury Marketplace” due to how exclusive the site is. You can get anything from Rolex watches to private aircraft and yachts on the platform.

Aside from the normal categories like cars, jets, and jewellery, they also feature a “Extraordinaire” section with things like chairs crafted from 22k gold AK-47s.

5. iVIP Black

iVIP Black is the world’s most exclusive lifestyle app, providing users with complete VIP treatment at all partner locations across the world. Members enjoy VIP treatment from iVIP Ltd’s global network of luxury partners and services. This includes complimentary upgrades, surprise presents, welcome packages, exclusive prices, priority access, and other special perks. 

You can use this app to get free room upgrades at high-end hotels, book private yachts and aircraft. You can also get invitations to “special evenings”.

6. Telegram

These apps are used by the wealthy to have more personal chats. The apps do not track you in the same manner that Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp do. They don’t use iCloud to back up chats that could be viewed by prying eyes.

7. Google and Apple Calendar

The more money you have, the more time you value. Google and Apple calendars are vital for avoiding chaos in your life. Also, if anything ends up on their calendar, it indicates that it is essential enough to be completed.

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