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Tips - March 29, 2022

5 Worries Poor People Would Wish for

Poor people think money would erase all their worries, whereas it will create new ones. Some poor people would rather wish to be rich and have the worries that come with it than stay poor.

Well, consider this piece as a heads up if you’re in that category.

To the poor people, the wealthy lifestyle is all rainbows and sunshine but knowing their successes come at a price. For them, money takes precedence over everything else as everything revolves around money. 

Here are some of the worries poor people would wish for in their lives.

Is my partner faithful to me?

The rich worry about if their spouse is a gold digger or not instead of worrying about money and necessities,

As a result, this is the most significant disadvantage of being wealthy, as it is difficult to prove if your spouse loves you.

However, if you’ve gotten married before becoming wealthy, it has less influence than looking for a spouse when you are already rich. It will be tough.

Even if someone seems genuine or checks all the boxes, in the beginning, people change over time, and you need to be ready for this. Even if the person appears genuine at first, there is the tendency to change as people are dynamic.

Will my kids grow up to be spoilt brats?

Instead of fretting about a lack of funds to care for their children, wealthy individuals are concerned about their children’s well-being. This is due to the setting in which their children would grow up.

Unlike the children, the parents have encountered a wide range of individuals and are familiar with life at this level. 

As a result, the wealthy are concerned that the comfortable life would make their children soft and therefore go off the rails.

They are cut between wanting their children to learn how to defend themselves and protecting them entirely from the wolves and sharks of their world.

This is, however, a contradiction as the father becomes wealthy due to his ability to learn from the street. On the other hand, the child suffers since he is not forced to find it out independently.

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Is it true that I don’t have any actual friends?

Your circle of friends change once you are rich. Although you all laugh together, you will never know their true motivations.

This is one of the crosses of the rich to bear. They do not have the privilege of just being friends with someone without being suspicious that they are aiming for financial advantage from them.

The truth is true friends are tough to come by no matter how wealthy you are, but it becomes even more difficult as your worth increases.

Do I have good health?

The rich are worried about their health as it is odd to work hard for something and not enjoy it. Some have spent a significant amount of money on improved nutrition, health, fitness and investing in scientific projects that extend people’s lives.

They are constantly concerned that they will go to great lengths to maintain it. It is one of the things that make humans fascinating.

Is it safe to keep my money with these people?

The question at the back of every rich person is, “Is my money safe?”. It is impossible to ascertain if your accountant and financial advisors are looking out for your best interests instead of their own.

Since trust is challenging to come by, rich people are always on the alert about their money.

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