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Career Tips - April 2, 2022

4 Steps to Master Self-discipline 

One of the most critical abilities you’ll need on your path to success is the ability to master self-discipline and stay internally motivated in your thoughts and actions.

You can only rely on luck if you lack self-discipline. A little luck helps, but achieving success requires a lot of discipline.

Having the wit to master and implement self-discipline can be truly difficult.

We live in a world that is full of distractions. And we’re constantly surrounded by flashy things that promise us happiness and fulfilment. Only to be disillusioned later by a fading state and wasted cash.

Any conceivable dream becomes an achievable objective if you master self-discipline. 

Here are four steps to master self-discipline. 


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1. Define a goal worth fighting for

This is a challenging task because not all goals are achievable. It has to come from within you and solve a real problem. One that if you achieve, your life will dramatically change for the better.

You should get a shiver down your spine just thinking about this objective, and your thoughts should race. 

This objective should be powerful enough to carry you through the toughest periods. Those will be the most painful and challenging aspects of your path.

Nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your goal if you find the perfect one. Choose a goal you can achieve even though it will take a lot of time, money, or effort.

2. Deconstruct the goal

The simple part is deciding on a goal, and now it’s time to evaluate and break it down. It is something that the majority of people never do. If you don’t investigate and dissect your aim, it becomes a wish rather than a goal.

Anything you desire can be broken down into smaller bits, which can then be placed together to create a larger picture. It’s up to you to figure out what your goal’s components are. 

These are incredibly personal to each goal you establish. Let’s imagine you want to read ten books during the next ten weeks. You’ll need the following component to do this task.

  • A list of fantastic book titles that are well worth reading and will improve your outlook.
  • You would have to decide if you will be buying all the books at once, or will you buy five and then another five? Or if you will be reading it as an e-book on your phone
  • Next, is the timing. You would have to decide whether to read first thing in the morning or right before bed. Alternatively, you might try out audio books to see how long they take.
  • The goal needs to have a goal. If your aim is to read 10 books in 10 days, look for small novels that you can finish in one or two sittings. If you want to learn something, you’ll have to take notes from the books you’re reading.

Breaking down the goal into its components will help you understand what you’re about to do. Firstly, you need to know what it takes to do it and how to do it and a better knowledge of the goal.

3. Make a daily plan that will get you to your goal

You’ll need a recipe to turn the ingredients into a finished product. This recipe is your daily plan. 

Based on your goal, you’ll need to figure out what steps you’ll need to take to accomplish it. It’s best if you’re as accurate as possible with these instructions.

Suppose you want to lose a particular amount of weight. You’ve most likely determined that your components are what you eat, drink and how much physical exercise you put in.

4. Remove any temptations or distractions 

It doesn’t matter how badly you want it. There will always be a part of your brain aware of your surroundings and draws attention to whatever shiny object is nearby. This is the point at which you take command of your surroundings.

When analysing your goal, look for dangers and things that could negatively affect your path and see what you can do to minimise or eliminate them.

If you’re trying to lose weight, keep ice cream out of the house. Don’t start a new television show if you want to write or read a book. 

If you are prone to viewing much television, you may purposefully remove the tv from your home, leaving you with only your goal to focus on.

You have control over your actions and need to recognise temptations for what they are. They are set up to prevent you from accomplishing your goals. 

The chances of reaching your goal increase considerably if you plan your environment around it. The time it takes to get there is significantly reduced.

Try to come up with contingency plans for circumstances you couldn’t foresee. You are not going on a long journey without a spare tyre and some cash in case of an emergency. In that vein, be sure you’re not setting out unprepared.     


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