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Tips - April 5, 2022

5 Things Smart People Never Say

The world is mean to ignorant people. You can’t afford to go through life without a strategy for achieving success. You need to harness the depth of your intelligence and skip any form of mediocrity. We’ve put together five things that intelligent people will never say.

1. “Hey, I’m Smart”

Smart people will never talk about how smart they are. Whenever you hear someone talk about how intelligent they are, it’s a sign of their insecurities. They probably don’t believe it themselves.

Most of the time, smart people talk about how little they know. They recognise the vast wealth of knowledge around them and leverage it to do great things. The results speak for themselves. Just look at how much the likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have achieved through smart thinking.

2. “I shouldn’t have failed; it’s not fair”

Instead of complaining about failure, smart people find ways to succeed. They understand how long they have to work to see positive results from their endeavours.

Smart people take life head-on and continue to find solutions until they succeed. Facebook wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s first endeavour. He tried his hands at a messaging system Zucknet; an AI music app, Synapse, before hitting it big with Facebook.


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3. “Everyone else does it”

Smart people don’t just go with the crowd. They don’t believe something is okay simply because everyone thinks so.

This is not to say that smart people are unnecessarily argumentative. They ask deep questions about life and make meaning for themselves. This is how disruptors are born. Imagine Elon Musk just went with petrol cars because everyone was having a blast with them. That is outside the box thinking that has made many smart people wealthy.

4. “I don’t care”

They are constantly curious and want to gain more knowledge. Saying “I don’t care” puts a barrier to how much you can learn. It makes it harder to build connections with people.

Smart people are willing to challenge their thinking. So when a new idea comes around, they are ready to challenge themselves with a new perspective. It is in this spirit that the world’s billionaires read a lot. They’re mirroring their lives with the experiences of others and learning some great lessons.

5. “I can’t do it”

Some people give up even before they try. It could be because of the fear of failure or success. Smart people rarely give up because tough times inspire them to be the best.

You can always get help when a task seems impossible. Smart people fall always find a way to get back on their feet when they fall.


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