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Tips - April 6, 2022

5 Signs You’re Afraid of Success

On paper, the ultimate goal is to succeed. But it might alarm you to know that many people, probably you too, are afraid of success. 

So what’s it like to be afraid of success? It’s a crippling state where you’re so worried about the challenges associated with being successful that you’ll go as far as sabotaging yourself.

It sounds crazy, but some deep reflections on where you are today and where you can be could reveal some startling results. 

Let’s look at some of the cogent signs that you’re afraid of success. 

1. You set low goals

You set your goals so low that it becomes the ultimate barrier to how high you can rise. It’s a tactic people use to avoid success. 

One major reason for this is the thought that success will complicate things and present insurmountable challenges. You must snap out of it.

Like Richard Branson said,

“If you aim higher than you expect, you could reach higher than 

you dreamed.”

2. You procrastinate

The fear of success makes you delay a task, so much that you lose an opportunity. You find yourself basking in the endless deadlines you’ve set for yourself. 

If you want to achieve something, you’ll start working on it today, and keep at it till it becomes a reality.

 “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.”

― Mark Twain.


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3. You’re a Perfectionist

It’s all starts with wanting to get the absolute best out of every task. Strive hard for perfection and you fall short, and then it becomes a good reason to quit. 

When you have the key standards in a task, consider it completed and move on. Don’t forget, you’re racing against the clock. 

4. You Quit

Just when you’re on the verge of success, you back out. At that point, success seems scary because it’s pretty much venturing into the unknown.

If you understand that where you are right now is the destination of some other people, you’ll realise that you’re already making good moves. Continue in that spirit and reach for the top. 

“Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up.”

– Elon Musk

5. You don’t pay attention to your health

If you want to achieve success, you must be on the lookout for possible drawbacks. You must ensure you do regular health checks, exercise and stay away from destructive behaviours such as substance abuse. 


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