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Tips - April 6, 2022

Successful People are not Smarter Than You and Here is Why

Although successful people have a lot of intellectual activity, thinking they are smarter than you is already a defeating mindset.

Being clever and being successful have nothing to do with each other. This is because many intelligent individuals are employees and live ordinarily.

Also, many highly successful individuals are foolish. The issue is, if these people are not particularly brilliant, how did they become so successful?

Successful people are not necessarily smarter than you but do some things differently. Here is why.

Being smart once

The only thing successful individuals do differently is try repeatedly instead of clinging to past achievements. Previous performance is not a reliable predictor of future outcomes.

Some people still live in their past. They berate themselves by inventing toxic ideas about what intelligence entails. They believe they are insufficiently motivated and incapable of achieving a task.

They get the impression that successful people are always smart in all areas. They take the proper decisions, and know what to do, say, and whom to connect with. 

They wallow in their previous failures, blaming themselves for squandering their opportunities. 

As a result, they make poor decisions to make up for lost opportunities. But the truth is that not everybody gets it right all the time. You only need to be smart once and have to get it right once.

Although successful people are not always right, their good decisions outnumber their poor choices. Also, they are extremely good at a particular thing that makes up for everything they are bad at.

Suffice to say that they aren’t all that bright; they’re simply exceptionally brilliant at one thing.

How getting smart happens

Being smart requires the capacity to acquire and use knowledge. On the other hand, people are prone to skipping the second, which is the most important. 

You may use the information, but what makes you smart is if you can do it effectively a second time.

This is because making a successful first smart decision might set you up for life; making a successful second smart decision is what earns you the right to call yourself smart.

However, the future is what proves whether someone is smart. This is because it will have to go through the test of time. 

For instance, most of today’s well-known brilliant individuals decided on a specific day in the past but are now reaping the benefits.

They placed an educated wager to add value and then watched the game unfold. This is something really valuable and challenging to comprehend. 

The game will play itself out as long as you properly do the right things. Furthermore, being good at one thing but doing it alone does not ensure success.


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This is grossly undervalued and sometimes misinterpreted. The quality of people you know, not the number of people you know, defines a good network.

In networking, you need to know about six people. This is referred to as the “six degrees of separation” theory. It states that everyone is within six social links of each other. You know someone who knows someone that you know.

At times, it is more crucial to be in the right place and appropriate room than the why you went there in the first place.


You cannot foresee or determine when it is the appropriate moment to activate your network, just as you can’t predict the market. This is because it is challenging to get the timing right. 

At times, it is luck and, other times, forethought, but there is one approach to improve your chances of timing. Give more time to your goals. The fact is that you have control over your time.

You may have goals you want to achieve before you become 35 years old. Though this may be motivation, it is frequently a burden you place on yourself.


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