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Career Tips - April 6, 2022

Want to Change Your Life? Adopt these 10 Habits

If you want to change your life for the better, you must do it yourself. Changing for someone else is short-term motivation. 

If you want your good habits to stick, you must make the necessary changes.

We have the incredible capacity to adapt, grow, learn, and prosper because of our design. It’s what propels us forward, motivates us to keep moving forward, and motivates us to work more.

We are creatures who stick to our routines. Everything we think, say, and do is the consequence of deep-seated habits that have been engraved into our minds over many years of repetitive action. 

Those same habits can either propel us ahead or stifle our growth in life. Indeed, the current state and quality of our lives are a direct result of our everyday behaviours.

Here are 10 habits that can change your life towards a better life.


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1. Create and stick to a morning routine

It’s been said for a long time that it takes 21 days to break a habit and 21 days to start a new one. Former psychologist Dr. Maxwell Maltz introduced this way of thinking. However, according to the European journal of social psychology, his thoughts have been replaced with 66 days.

2. Focus on what you do have, not what you don’t 

Jealousy is the green-eyed monster. And it makes us feel inadequate when we encounter it. Rather than being pleased with a person’s accomplishments, we find ourselves hating them. 

Make it a habit to concentrate on what you already have rather than what you lack. Gratitude can go a long way toward improving our lives.

You are wasting your time by thinking about what you do not have. Be happy for other people’s triumphs because you’re better than that. You must begin to concentrate on your own objectives; you are not competing with anyone other than yourself. So keep going because you’ve got this.

3. Read or listen to podcasts 

Never stop learning, take a break from music, and start listening to podcasts instead. There are many options, and Audible is a terrific place to start for novels. 

What’s amazing about podcasts is that they can teach you about anything. True stories of people’s lives can is one section. 

Concerning the challenges, they’ve surmounted. Success stories, leaders, true crime, history, and everything else you can think of are all waiting for you to discover.

Books can also transfer you to another world, allowing you to use your imagination and escape from your daily worries.

4. Make sure you’re hanging out with the right individuals

It’s time to make it a habit of only spending time with the proper individuals. It’s possible that you have friends who have known you since you were a child. 

You may feel guilty because you are their sole friend or because you are so familiar with them that you rationalize their bad behaviour.

If you hang out with losers, you will appear to be a loser as well. And you’re not a loser. 

It’s time to let rid of the toxic individuals in your life and surround yourself with people who share your values and are similar to you.

5. Learn to listen intently

The majority of individuals do not listen with the intention of understanding. Instead, they listen with the intention of responding. 

We’ve all met people like this. The ones that constantly interrupt you and try to outdo whatever narrative you’re presenting. Or those who have been so preoccupied with their own story that they are unaware that the subject has shifted.

It’s simple to develop the practice of genuinely listening. Keep your lips shut, listen carefully, and reply correctly.

6. Alter your mindset

Our thoughts make us who we are. Keep an eye on what you’re telling yourself in your head. Be aware of the negative self-talk you have going on within your head daily. 

What would your friends think of you if you had to share those thoughts? They’d reassure you that you’re none of the above.

Buddha stated, “Be where you are, or you will miss yourself,”. We are always preoccupied with the idea that we will be happy when we are smaller, richer, or wiser. 

We strive for happiness, but it remains elusive. Stop chasing after things, take a deep breath, and be content with where you are. 

Make a mental shift in how you perceive yourself. And the more you do it, the more proficient you get.

7. Exercise

Regardless of how hectic our schedules are, we manage to keep up with social media. However, if you give us a chance, we will always complain that there isn’t enough time to exercise.

Despite the fact that we might easily waste 30 minutes scrolling through social media. It isn’t as effective as regular sweat workouts. ‘

Exercising releases endorphins, which make us feel happy and energized. As a result, regular exercise is a healthy habit to adopt if you want to change your life into a better one.

8. Detox from social media  

When was the last time you spent time on social media that you could say made a difference in your life? 

Although social media rarely has a beneficial impact, it consumes a significant amount of our time and frequently makes us feel melancholy and dissatisfied. 

You should take a break from social media and disconnect from your various social platforms. You don’t have to make a grand exit; disappear for a few days, weeks, or even months.

9. Invest in your well-being.

It would help if you took care of your body because it is your home for the rest of your life. Make modest improvements every day, and they will add up to a significant difference over time. 

Eight glasses of water should be enough. Take one spoon of sugar in your tea instead of two, cleanse your face, and invest in yourself when you are mentally fatigued.

10. Stop judging people and start complimenting them.

It’s like a boomerang effect when you show others compassion and compliments. When you compliment someone, they will go out into the world feeling good about themselves and begin to compliment others.

Don’t be stuck in a loop of criticism, where every time you see someone, you have a negative thought about them. 

Judging others comes from insecurity, and it draws attention to our flaws. It’s a bad habit to maintain. Break it by concentrating on what the other person has to offer.


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