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Industry - April 7, 2022

The Most Expensive Gemstones in Africa

Africa is blessed with abundant natural resources, and among the bunch are gemstones. Save for political corruption and neo-colonialism, it could be one of the greatest continents in the world. Ever fancied the mining industry? Well, this one’s for you. Here are the five most expensive gemstones to start trading on your way to billions!

Red Ruby

 $1,300 to $1,600 per Carat


RUBY (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary
Photo: Macmillan Dictionary

The Montepuez Ruby Mine in Mozambique is the world’s largest deposit of the highly prized coloured gemstones. One of the most expensive gemstones you can find in Africa, the colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight of a ruby determine its value. The stone is mined and auctioned straight to the market.

There is a lot of money to be gained from exporting rubies. Since 2003, the Burmise Ruby, which was a major export in this gemstone space,  has been banned in the United States. This was part of sanctions aimed at putting pressure on the military regime in Burma, which had neglected democratic elections.

Despite the lifting of restrictions on the Burmese ruby in 2016, the embargo has driven the US-Africa diamond trade.


$1,550 per carat

Tanzania and Kenya

Tsavorite Garnet Value, Price, and Jewelry Information - Gem Society
Photo: International Gem Society

Tsavorite is recognised as the most unique gemstone in the world. It is distinguished by its durable, brilliant, and pure green hue. Tsavorite has a better grade, is deeper, more intense, brighter, and clearer than other gemstones in its class.

East Africa, notably Tanzania and Kenya, is home to this stone. Each stone can be cut into three carats, making it incredibly rare. Tsavorite has a primarily higher refractive degree of roughly 1.734/44 when compared to other stones.


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Garnet (Rhodolite)

$150 to $350 per carat


Rhodolite Garnet - Color First
Photo: Color First

Tanzania produces the finest rhodolite garnet. The precious stone has a stunning, silky red hue with a superb violet or raspberry tone.

The stone is frequently composed of the same crystal size. With cube-based symmetrical crystals, it has a more perfect form and property.


 $75 to $125 per carat

South Africa

Blue Zircon: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses - Gemstonist
Photo: Gemstonist

This stone is mostly found in South Africa’s Limpopo belt. The oldest Zircon has a crystallisation age of up to 3.95 Ga and a Hf model age of up to 4.51 Ga.

Colourless zircons, which are regarded as the best grade, are often used as diamond replacements and are referred to locally as “Matura diamonds.” Large zircons are quite rare. Most zircons are 0.1-0.3 mm in size, however, they may grow to several centimetres in length.


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