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Visionaries - April 8, 2022

7 Influential Women in Nigeria

The corporate world has been a territory long controlled by men. However, many influential women are rising in Nigeria in these changing times. 

They take the bull by the horn to create their wealth and make their own space. 

Some of these influential women have outdone their male counterparts in Nigeria. These women of substance are doing great with their investments, businesses and contributions to the Nigerian economy.

These women are the true definition of what a man can do, and a woman can do even better. These influential women have risen above the average and now sit on the boards of firms in various industries. 

These influential women in Nigeria are also the most successful humanitarian businesswomen. Although some had assistance, others made their fortunes from the ground up. 

These women have built fortunes for themselves by making prudent investments and running some of the country’s most profitable enterprises. 

Here are the ten influential women in Nigeria.


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7. Ngozi Okonjo

Many Nigerian women look up to Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala as a role model and inspiration. 

She is an economist, an expert in international development, and a former Finance Minister. 

Forbes has named Dr. Okonjo as one of the world’s top 50 leaders on many occasions.

She has held various crucial positions both locally and globally as a result of her experience. 

She served on the board of Twitter, the Center for Global Development, African Risk Capacity, and other organisations. 

She presently serves as the Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

6. Mo Abudu

She is one of the most well-known figures in the entertainment sector, and she is among Nigeria’s wealthiest women. 

MO Abudu, whose real name is Mosunmola Abudu, is a media guru, philanthropist, and former human resource management, consultant.

She was named one of the most powerful women in the world of television in 2017.

EbonyLife Television, owned by the 56-year-old media mogul, is an entertainment television network where she has been generating and producing interesting programming. 

She also runs EbonyLife Films, a film production firm where she creates films.

MO only buys the best when it comes to indulgences like clothing, perfumes, and automobiles. Her Mercedes-Benz SUV is valued about $20 million.

5. Bimbo Alase

Bimbo Alase made a fortune in the furniture industry. Before expanding to a multimillion-dollar enterprise, she began her furniture business with a little store in Lagos State. 

Leatherworld Furniture has grown to become Lagos’ largest and most opulent furniture store.

4. Dr Stella Okoli

Stella Chinyelu Okoli is one of the influential women in Nigeria, despite her modest beginnings. 

Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries LTD is the leading indigenous pharmaceutical company, and she is the founder and CEO. 

Okoli started her company as a modest pharmacy retail store as a pharmacist, but it has now grown to become a household name across the country.

Emzor, is Nigeria’s largest pharmaceutical firm, with a number of subsidiaries and over 50 products.

3. Daisy Danjuma

She is a former senator who served in the Edo South Senatorial District from 2003 to 2007. 

She is the wife of General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, the former Minister of Defense.

Daisy has had a successful legal career, holding positions of increasing responsibility in both public and private firms. 

May & Baker Nigeria PLC, a renowned pharmaceutical manufacturing firm, selected her as chairperson in 2019.

2. Hajia Shagaya

She is the CEO of Bolmus Group International, a company that is active in a variety of industries such as banking, energy, and real estate.

Hajia Shagaya worked as an auditor for the Nigerian Central Bank before launching her own company. Her company specialises in importing photographic equipment.

According to reports, Hajia Bola was the one who brought Konica cameras into the nation.

Hajia Shagaya also has other enterprises, including real estate, which she owns in Nigeria and other countries.

She owns several homes in Nigeria and assets in other countries. Bola Shagaya is worth over a billion dollars and has a $30 million private jet.

1. Folorunso Alakija

Folorunso Alakija is a philanthropist and oil magnate who made her fortune through her oil and gas company, Famfa Oil. 

Apart from being most influential, she is also Nigeria’s richest woman, a title she has held for a long time.

The 69-year-old entrepreneur is involved in the printing and fashion industries in addition to her oil company. 

She is the managing director of Rose of Sharon Group, a fashion firm she owns.

She owns a private plane and several homes in Nigeria. She also has a fleet of exotic cars. She once purchased four Mercedes-Benz G wagons for her four boys.


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