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Lists - April 23, 2022

7 Rules that will Change how you Live by 2025 

With the advent of advanced technologies, the boomer generation’s rules and standards of doing things have changed throughout time, resulting in a transformation in how millennials live and do things.

The reality is that the way you live now and tomorrow is very different from how you lived yesterday. This is because the world around us is evolving at a breakneck speed, resulting in society and cultural change.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has irrevocably altered life as we know it, also influenced the transformation.

With this in mind, the game’s rules have shifted, and we must study and adapt to them. Unlike a board game, where the rules are recorded, there is no such thing as a handbook in ordinary life. It’s a test by fire.

Since rules of living have changed, it is our responsibility to understand and adapt to them. Here are some of the rules that will change how you live by 2025.


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School degrees will be irrelevant

The schooling system is progressively becoming outdated as more and more children study from home using tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. As a result, the value of school degrees is gradually diminishing.

The pandemic was the final call to action as children had to learn from home. With this evolution, education will be gamified in the coming years due to technological advancements. 

Reduction in office hours

One of the most widespread fallacies is that sitting at a desk equals success, and not working in the office results in less productivity. The fact is the hours of working in the office are no longer significant markers of performance.

Instead of paying by the hour, pay by the service. When a service provider is paid by the hour, it incentivises them to take longer to complete tasks when it should be the other way around. This is due to flaws in the previous system.

Work-based on results is a preferable type of payment, especially with the emergence of smart contracts and oracles that can read real-life data and safely communicate proof of the agreement.

Live-streaming-payments options are already being explored for those activities where service is based on time quantity. Instead of paying full money for an online self-development conference, you may watch only the speaker you want, not by the minute, but per second of material.

Your laptop is your workplace

Why squander hours of your day in traffic when you can complete the same tasks on your laptop and utilise the rest of your time productively?

There isn’t much time left now that software is swallowing the globe. The workplace is becoming digitised, allowing you to operate your entire business from a single laptop that you can take wherever you go.

Belonging to a group is gradually replacing patriotism

The new world’s focus is on communities. This is because people will do anything for a sense of accomplishment and safeguard what they believe in. As such, digital communities are becoming the acceptable norm since people may live anywhere, work from anywhere, and spend the majority of their active time online. Hence, patriotism is gradually waning in the world. 

Platforms are more powerful than government

People have previously been unsuccessful in establishing a forum that takes severe action against government acts. But technology is changing the narrative.

For instance, people have strong feelings against Buhari, Tinubu, the PDP, and the APC because of information they’ve been fed from the media. Platforms influence people, so they are more powerful than governments.

Despite their powerlessness, people have gained a voice thanks to technological advancements. Technology can silence the most powerful leader and halt the world’s economies.

The internet is the world’s biggest marketplace

An eCommerce site is a fantastic place to start if you want to uncover strategies to grow sales faster, cut business operational expenses, and enhance profit margins. Without question, the internet is the most powerful tool for expanding your company’s reach.

According to a report, internet traffic in 2022 will surpass all internet traffic from the year before. This is because the emerging markets are experiencing rapid growth in the use of the internet. People are becoming accustomed to online commerce and content consumption.

This is because digital products are becoming more popular, with some experts predicting that the digital industry will overtake the physical goods sector in the following decades.

Your online reputation will be your resume

Even if degrees are losing value, you’ll need to show proof of competence before engaging in any business. This is where your online profile becomes vital. 

Twitter serves as your résumé. Your YouTube channel serves as an interview or a demonstration of your abilities. Showcase your work, and if you’re good enough, those who want to purchase it or hire you for it will discover you.

Maintain the best reputation for your brand. What others say about you on the internet can be beneficial or detrimental to your success.


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