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Tips - April 24, 2022

20 Life Lessons that can Position you for Greatness

Life can be challenging, and unfortunately, not everyone gets to live their dream. For those who have attained success like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gate, they are life lessons to learn to make your dreams a reality.

Here are 20 life lessons you should learn about life before it is too late.

1. Your thoughts are like boomerangs

An adage goes, “What goes around, comes around”. Therefore, rule over your thoughts and do not let them lead you. This is because what you give to others is what you will receive.

2. What you say can define who you are

Words are brittle that, once altered, cannot be undone. Therefore, the manner you talk and what you say have a lot of influence. You can build or destroy with our words.

3. Make yourself vital, and you will always be needed

The truth is that some individuals are indispensable. They are the folks that are called upon anytime expertise is needed. 

These people are not more intelligent, connected, or capable, but their attitude makes them extraordinarily effective. They help and assist the people to feel better about themselves, not worse. 

Therefore, if you want to succeed, build relevancy. Learn to produce, innovate, or create something that other people can use and need.

4. You never stop learning

We learn every day and everywhere till we die. Make a conscious effort to live entirely and to learn new things regularly. Be receptive to lessons in all you do, and always be prepared for what life offers. 

5. Don’t let fear keep you down

Learn to silence the negative inner thoughts. Make sure that the voices of reason, belief, and confidence are loud enough to drown it out.

6. A good reputation is better than money

Your character is the cornerstone of your reputation. This entails the words you say and the things you do. Hence, build your character and your reputation will be intact.

7. You only lose when you stop trying

Never say never. This is because you can never complete anything if you stop trying. The fact is that you never know what you’re capable of unless you try.

8. You get more by giving more

Life itself is reciprocal; give and you’ll receive. Likewise, success is determined by how much you give rather than receive. Therefore, provide as much as you can if you desire a prosperous life.

9. Control your thoughts or they’ll control you

The mind is so strong that it processes about 60,000 thoughts daily. Therefore, take control of your thoughts. You govern your world when you master your ideas by overcoming negativity and uncertainty.

10. See failure as part of the journey to success

Failure is part of success; it depends on what you do with it. In fact, the more we risk, the more likely we are to fail. The key is to view failure as a necessary element of the process rather than an end in itself.


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11. Make positive thoughts

To live a more abundant and prosperous life, you must think about boundless success. Thinking is one of our most powerful abilities, and we can choose whether to utilise it badly or positively.

12. Learn to forgive 

In a difficult circumstance, the bravest and smartest thing you can do is forgive and go on. Allowing grudges and grievances to drag you down on the way to your achievement is a bad idea.

13. Believe in possibilities

Purge yourself of the idea of impossibility. This is because there is a vast world of possibility. What appears to be impossible is simply a question of perspective. Therefore, it’s a mistake to allow limiting beliefs to constrain your view on life.

14. Be prepared to seize opportunities

A failure to prepare is simply preparing to fail. This is because being thoroughly prepared enables you to seize opportunities and reach for success.

15. You are constantly creating your reality

Your ideas create your world. Therefore keep in mind how powerful you are. What you believe, you will become; what you think, you will attract.

16. You can choose to be bitter or better as a result of your circumstances

It is always up to you to choose your attitude. Don’t forget that you have a choice in any situation. It is entirely up to you to achieve the desired outcomes.

17. Those who often make mistakes stumble on innovation

Mistakes are evidence that you are attempting, creating, exploring, and finding new ways. The truth is every success story has its error story. Although errors may sometime indicate something wrong, they suggest that you have done something well.

18. Getting lost can help you find yourself

At times, it takes getting lost to find yourself. However, the most difficult thing in life is figuring out who you are, and the second is being content with what you find.

19. When on the right path all you need to do is keep walking

You’re fortunate enough to know exactly what you want; you may put your enthusiasm to work and always enjoy what you’re doing. Keep exploring if you’re still trying to figure out what you want. In any case, be persistent and determined.

20. Be grateful every day because that’s the source of true power

The most powerful force is a thankful heart. Focus your thoughts on gratitude, as this is where your gifts, strength, and power can be found.


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