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Tips - April 25, 2022

10 Things to Do When Starting An Online Business

When starting an online business, there are a lot of factors to consider. Like the conventional way of doing business, an online space also takes its fair share of time and startup cost.

We live in a world where online businesses are created exponentially. The appeal lies within the versatility of owning and operating an online business.

If you must thrive, here are things to do when starting your online business.

1. Have a branding colour

This is critical as it will shape how you’re perceived. Therefore, you must have a distinct brand colour that consumers can recognise. Something that will entice customers to visit your online store.

Also, make sure that the colours you choose for your brand are consistent across all platforms. This is truly something people can relate to.

FirstBank is recognised for its deep blue, whereas Jumia is known for its orange. You may make it using colour palettes, but ensure you know your colour code first.

2. Use a professional profile picture

Use a profile image that relates to your business. It might be you, your company emblem, or a picture that entices visitors to visit your online space.

This is because first impressions are crucial. People will either plunge into your business or look the other way, depending on your impression. Make sure it can stand the test of time.

3. List  your business on the Google My Business platform

Some people get social media wrong. They rely only on Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook when a big world is beyond the four popular social media platforms.

The truth is that you must also be on Google. SEO is only effective on Google and does not function on social media networks. People seek online business stores on Google, and SEO offers your online store the visibility it needs.

As a result, you need to be listed on GoogleMyBusiness (GMB) to secure your company’s exposure. Just as you post on Twitter and other platforms, you can also post on GMB.

4. Create attractive content for your brand

You can utilise apps like “answer the republic” to develop fantastic content ideas for your company.

This provides you with information on what people want to read about. When creating the content, make an additional effort to educate your clients so that they will return for more and remain loyal to your business.

5. Create captivating content

Make sure to compose your brand material in a style that your target audience will understand. Some apps can assist you in reaching this degree of creativity.

For instance, assists you in tailoring your content to the preferences of your target audience. You may also write ad text and content for social media platforms and websites. This way, you will increase your visibility and revenue.


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6. Identify five followers’ favourites

When you’ve finished creating your content, choose five of the sites your ideal consumers visit the most and enable post alerts.

Switching on the post notification will help you make the first remark on each post. The idea is to engage as much as possible with your customers.

7. Join their sessions and be active

The essence of joining is to be where your customers are. As a result, stay top-of-mind and visible at all times. You form relationships that will create direct messages (DM) due to your regular contact and participation.

8. Always compliment your followers’ favourites for every value

You may provide constructive criticism, praises, and other things to your followers’ favourite people. Apart from acting as a method of expressing gratitude, people are likely to share it on their page, giving you free exposure.

9. Improve your personal branding

You must brand yourself professionally in addition to that of your online business. Your company is you, and how you brand yourself will influence how others see your business.

You may, for example, use LinkedIn to market yourself and your business. You may even go so far as to join various communities and interact with multiple potential customers.

10. Connect offline

Learn to connect with people offline in addition to connecting online. Engage in offline discussions with individuals to learn lessons that you may use for your business.

The reality is that there are more people offline than there are online. Therefore, you must combine both customer bases to expand your business.


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