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Career Tips - April 25, 2022

5 Things that You Shouldn’t Chase in Life

Popular opinion holds that you must chase you dreams at all costs. However, there’s a plethora of misguided things that people choose to chase in life.  

When we make the wrong choices regarding the important things to chase, the failure we experience will cause discontent and regret in life. 

When it comes down to chasing a particular goal we should think carefully beforehand. This will help in evading mistakes. 

Tomorrow is not promised and if you waste too much time and energy today on things that won’t matter in the long run, it’ll leave you feeling empty.

To avoid a wild goose chase in life, here are 5 things you must refrain from pursuing. 


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1. Money

Money plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Most people spend the larger part of their existence chasing it. 

There is too much focus we place on accumulating huge amounts of money and resources. 

We are continuously striving for more wealth because we have formed the mindset that it can solve all of our problems. 

The reality is after you’ve attained you desired financial status, the value you feel from the extra dollar becomes insignificant.

2. Power

Some people only seek the acquisition of influence as a way of fulfilling their existence because they want to have more power over others.

The idea is that having power gives you more control over your own destiny and allows you to be able to bend others to your will.

Power, on the other hand, is an illusion. This is in the sense that it never truly exists. It is an intangible force that varies with time, and it’s because of this temporariness that it is a minute aspiration. 

Power is rarely something you can cling onto got long, and losing it causes a tremendous deal of emotional stress.

3. Perfection

The people in this category are motivated by a drive to be the best at something. They put their whole heart and soul into mastering a particular talent or craft. 

While this may appear to be a noble aim, failure to reach the top can lead to a lot of pain and despair. 

There is no such thing as perfection. It’s meaningless to look for it since you’ll never find it. The more you search, the more perplexed you become.

It’s far better to seek improvement within practical limits; setting realistic visions of what you can achieve.

It’s far better to strive for progress while remaining realistic about what you can accomplish.

4. Success 

Success in simple terms means achieving a specific goal, but in a broader sense, it becomes more difficult to define. 

We may blame others for their lack of it, or we may berate ourselves for not having it, but success in life is absolutely indefinable.

We shouldn’t strive to follow it, whatever it is, because success means different things to different people, and these perspectives can change over time. There is no such thing as success or failure in life.

5. Happiness

Happiness is not something that can be pursued because it comes from a result of other contributing factors.

At times, happiness may come readily, while at other times, it may be completely missing. You cannot and should not try to force it into your life, if you do, it will not come. It can only come from within you.

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