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Career Tips - April 25, 2022

7 Ways Rejection Makes You Stronger

Rejection is an inevitable part of human life. Most people have faced rejection countless times, but only a few have managed to get stronger through the circumstances. 

People get rejected in many ways, for example, rejections for written pieces, at job interviews, and even in their personal lives. 

Rejection is an essential aspect of life. Whether you realise it or not, everyone is subjected to rejection at some point in their lives. 

Many people who have dealt with rejection are unaware of how it can make them stronger. 

While this may appear to be self-contradictory, ask anyone who has ever been turned down for a job or had someone close to them say they weren’t interested in them in that way. 

Most of the time, if you look at rejection in the correct light, it can be a very rewarding experience in helping you get stronger. 

Here are 7 ways rejection makes you stronger.


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1. Rejection makes us become stronger

There’s an adage that says the strongest fish swims upstream. Rejection can feel like it stops you in your tracks, but it actually gives you something to push against. 

People get stronger when they are forced to deal with the unexpected or the unfavourable, not when everything is going their way. 

In this way, rejection aids us by demonstrating our true strength, resourcefulness, and capability when the chips are down.

2. See rejection as an opportunity to refocus and regroup

Being rejected for your idea or in your career is a huge disappointment, especially when you’ve set your heart on it. It’s tempting to focus on what went wrong afterwards.

The problem is that clinging to these questions is a surefire way to transform rejection into a roadblock. 

Revisiting an event is essential to comprehension. Bathing in the “should haves,” on the other hand, limits your ability to learn as growth possibilities turn into a pool of regrets.

Rejection can be viewed as a stepping stone. When you do, you’ll see how those adversities paved the way for other achievements in your life. It highlights certain habits, activities, or thoughts that you can improve.

It assists you in shifting your emphasis away from how you messed up and toward how you can improve.

3. Rejection serves as a reminder that we are all human

Everyone is the star of their own film, which can lead to an understandable but erroneous perception of one’s own significance in the grand scheme of things. 

Rejection is beneficial because everyone may benefit from being knocked down a notch or two at some point. 

Rejection aids us in this because it reminds us that, no matter how amazing we may imagine we are, we are all only human.

4. Patience can be learned through rejection

Rejection might be painful in certain cases, but it can also be catastrophic in others. 

One of the worst rejections is not landing that job you’ve spent a month sending resumes, and emails back and forth about because the bills and the cupboard don’t care about your broken feelings. 

However, this is one instance in which rejection can actually benefit you by teaching you patience and perseverance. 

You may not get what you want immediately, but if you’re prepared to put in the effort and wait long enough, you’ll eventually get there.

5. Rejection encourages us to try new things

Life’s method of telling us we need to take a different path to achieve where we want to go is sometimes rejection.

Perhaps the path we’re trying to follow to reach our objectives is completely inappropriate for us, or perhaps there is a better way that we haven’t yet discovered.

If you’re willing to pursue a different path or find a new approach to accomplish the same goal, rejection can be a great experience. 

6. Rejection teaches us fresh perspectives on life

Every now and then, everyone experiences tunnel vision. We narrow our emphasis to one objective, one person, or one ambition at the expense of all else. 

Rejection can force us to take a step back and reconsider our goals and how we’re attempting to achieve them. 

In this situation, the purpose is to see the world through fresh eyes and evaluate not only different ways to achieve the same goal but also how we view our goals and dreams.

7. Rejection opens the door to new possibilities

Consider the last time someone claimed, “If the other place hadn’t declined to hire me or if that person hadn’t refused to marry me or if a state had more jobs available, I would never have found this job or met this person or moved to this place.” 

Rejection can be a powerful tool for examining why we pursue the goals we do, and what it is about these goals that motivate us to pursue them further or abandon them altogether. 

It’s also an excellent opportunity to reflect on why you’re pursuing particular things, people, occupations, or situations in the first place.


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