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Financial Literacy - April 27, 2022

10 Reasons Poor People Hate the Rich

There has always been a visible divide between the rich and the poor. This has resulted in the majority of poor people having to hate the rich.

People often say “eat the rich” which is a slogan often associated with anti-capitalism and far-left ideology. It can sometimes be interpreted as a metaphor for class strife, a demand for wealth redistribution, or a direct call to violence.

Some people have issues about building wealth, working hard, and reaping the benefits of their labour. However, there is a small but vociferous group of people who believe their lives aren’t as wonderful as they should be since other little groups are doing well.

They use this idea to target the rich on social media, using the same devices, apps, and platforms that made these people rich in the first place.

And that brings us to the 10 reasons why poor people hate the rich.


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1. They are not rich

The poor have just a rudimentary understanding of the wealthy. A poor person that hate the rich will never rise above their status. Instead of hating the wealthy, you should study them in order to improve yourself.

The more you study and comprehend how wealth is made, the more you will be inspired by it. The more you want to push yourself to do more, here is where poor people lack understanding.

Instead of attempting to improve their situation, most poor people only wish they were rich without taking a step.

2. The rich have nice things

Wealth was much more private before social media, but today it’s on plain display.

The marketing strategy works by associating beautiful items with happiness and fulfilment, leading poor people to assume that they are just less. When this is combined with jealousy, the result is hatred.

Whoever envies others will never be happy, this is how the poor end up trapped in an unbreakable loop. 

Envy causes you to focus on the blessings of others rather than your own. In order to feel fulfilled and happy, poor individuals spend their limited resources on items that they have been promised will make them feel better. 

Only to discover that it is not true, enriching the individuals they were envious of in the first place.

3. They believe that every rich person is a crook

There are obviously corrupt wealthy people, but they are at the same level as corrupt ordinary people, and far less worse than the poor.

Have you ever observed how the majority of poor people idolise Pablo Escobar or Tony Montana in the same way that we idolise Elon Musk and Steve Jobs?

It is actually a lot easier to amass money legally in industrialised countries than it is to do so illegally, and the rest of the world will soon follow up.

4. The rich don’t give the poor money 

The poor have a strong notion that the only reason they have to struggle is because the rich do not give them enough of their own resources.

If all of the rich people gave their money away, the poor would remain poor, while the rich would regain their wealth.

Poor people believe in what is known as outcome equality. They believe that regardless of what you do, the results should be comparable, if not identical.

Rich people believe in equal opportunities for everybody. If they choose to do so, everyone should have access to the same fundamental tools, but the outcome will be determined by what you can do with those tools. 

5. They believe money is “the root of all evil”

One of the main reasons why the poor hate the rich is that they have been taught that money is essentially wicked. 

It corrupts the mind and soul, and it isn’t in accordance with what God, the prophet, or any other mythical creature they have belief in.

Poor people take pride in their plight, claiming that they are playing a different game than everyone else. It’s not a problem if you do it, but don’t judge others who don’t.

To be able to modify the core beliefs that others have implanted in you, it takes years of hard work and introspection.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to reflect and grow your self-awareness. Attending events and interviews is one method to achieve this, likewise reading widely and allowing oneself to be exposed to new ideas.

6. They believe the rich are more fortunate and lucky

According to the law of averages, everyone has the same amount of luck in their lives. Some will be luckier than others, but statistically speaking, you will be fortunate in life.

One of the main reasons why poor people hate the rich is that they believe bad luck has kept them poor. But the thing about luck is that it acts as a multiplier, allowing you to get more of what you already have. 

If you have a lot and then luck comes your way, you will have a lot more. However, it must locate you in a situation where positive things are already multiplying.

7. They believe that the wealthy live stress-free lives

Being rich is preferable to being poor. There is no nobility in poverty, but that does not negate the stress that comes with wealth.

Wealth is the consequence of overcoming a long period of stress and coming out victorious.

To stay rich, you must put up consistent work. Being wealthy is costly. 

You will need to work your tail off so you don’t have to worry about putting food on the table anymore. 

However, you are exchanging one table problem for another. Poor people believe that money will fix all of their problems because they see money as the solution to all their problems.

What they don’t realise is that there is another layer of issues that they are unaware of.

8. They believe the rich are hoarding wealth and resources

Poor people have a prevalent belief that affluent people are terrible because they have a vault full of money. However, building value is how people become rich.

Poor people believe that the wealthy have bank accounts brimming with cash. Rich people keep their wealth by investing in firms that create value. 

The majority of wealth comes from owning stock, which is a portion of a profitable corporation. Warren Buffet is a great example of someone who has created a fortune by investing in businesses.

9. They believe that the rich look down on them

Being arrogant has nothing to with being rich or poor. It’s a trait that has more to do with personality. But you notice it more in those you don’t like or admire.

Poor people don’t value their time and often choose to waste it, so they feel insulted when they come across someone who does.

10. They believe the rich try to keep them poor

Poor people are fascinated with conspiracies. They believe that if something horrible happens, the rich come together at night to prevent them from rising to the top.

The truth is that the world is split, but not between the rich and poor. The world is divided into two groups, creators and consumers. 

Someone made the clothes you wear, the television you watch, and the devices you use, and you paid for them.

As a consumer, all you had to do was choose which creator you want to make rich with your money. You must now work harder in order to earn more money in order to purchase more of their items.

It’s not a conspiracy idea, it’s just the most fundamental type of value transfer.  


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