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Tips - April 28, 2022

7 Books Millionaires Read to Elevate their Mindset

One common attribute of successful people is their love for books, and many renowned millionaires affirmed that they read at least one book daily. Reading is the most effective approach to broadening one’s thinking and exposing oneself to new ideas and possibilities.

You cannot build a positive attitude and mindset without reading, just as you cannot exist without air. Investing in the great books and becoming a voracious reader will set you on the path to success.

Here are some books that millionaires read to improve their mindset.

1. A field guide to lies: Critical thinking in the information age By Daniel J. Levitin

Daniel J. Levitin, a New York Times best-selling novelist, has written three books. The book teaches you how to cope with information overload. This is because certain information is confusing and difficult to decipher.

The book opens you to utilising science as a foundation for critical thought. This is because in the twenty-first century, being information literate is crucial. As a result, it reaffirms the significance of utilising the words and figures we come across to be successful. 

Once we have the information in front of us, we mustn’t accept it at face value and go on but rather double- and triple-check its plausibility, origin, and logic. After that, make an informed judgement or point of view on a topic.

2. Critical thinking skills for dummies By Martin Cohen

The book helps you organise your ideas if you’re often stumped for words in a conversation. You may find yourself in a heated debate or discussion that leaves you agitated. After you have walked away from it, you can come up with the proper retort, but it is too late.

As a result, it will assist you in organising your thoughts to appear well-thought-out, informed, and sensible. You will acquire critical thinking abilities, which will help you grasp another person’s point of view or even accept that you were wrong.

3. The act of thinking clearly By Rolf Dobelli

This book started as a weekly column in Newspapers in Germany, Switzerland and Netherland. It was first published in Germany and topped Germany’s Der Spiegel Bestseller list.

After it was translated, it topped the bestseller list in the UK, Ireland, India, Singapore, South Korea and Iran. Reading the book helps you put your thinking into a unique perspective.


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4. Thinking fast and slow By Daniel Kahneman

The author is a behaviour economist and an expert in judgment and decision-making. He was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences in 2002.

His book identified two ways we make decisions. The first is fast, emotional and intuitive, and the second is slower, logical, and deliberate. He also proposes theories on merging the two ways to make for better and more fulfilling decision making.

He said, “Our comfort conviction that the world makes sense rests on a secure foundation: our almost unlimited ability to ignore our ignorance”.

5. The demon-haunted world By Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan

The authors’ theory in this book is based on the fallacies of witchcraft, UFOs, and Demons. Carl Sagan was an astronomist, planetary scientist and astral physicist. He authored many books such as “Shadows of forgotten ancestors” and “Billions and Billions”.

According to a reader, “The book is insightful as it seems Sagan just wanted to watch the world learn. The book serves as an invitation to examine what you do or don’t believe and think about why”.

6. Calling bullshit: The art of scepticism in a data-driven world By Carl Bergstrom and Jevin D. West

According to Penguin Publishing House, the book teaches you to call out crap when you encounter it, which is a noble act. The writers’ goal is to create a well-functioning society, and one method to do so is to differentiate reality from fiction.

7. The designs of everyday things By Don Norman

Anything made for people goes through a far more thorough procedure than you may anticipate. This book will alter your perceptions of and interactions with your surroundings. You’ll be able to distinguish between good and bad designs. In addition, the book will change your buying taste and habit.

According to the author, “Anytime you see signs or labels added to a device, it indicates bad design: a simple lock should not require instructions”.


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