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Lists - May 4, 2022

5 Ways to Make Your Product Go Viral

Having a sound marketing strategy is one of the approaches to ensuring business growth. The more individuals you can reach with your product, the more likely it is to become viral and significantly increase sales.

As a result, ensuring product visibility has become one of the marketing aims. This is because a viral product promotes itself and is further shared by clients, increasing your reach at no cost.

No matter how good your product is, it will go unnoticed if no one knows it exists. If you want to make more sales and increase visibility, here are ways to make your product go viral.

Highlight your product value

Products that go viral are often carried by marketing campaigns that are fun, engaging and unique. However, there’s a common notion that all it takes is an exciting video or social media post. 

However, this is false as products that get the most traction entertain and give values that the revenue from the marketing attests to.

Let your product be unique

For your business to go viral, let it stand out of the lot. In ensuring your product stands out, everything matters, from the colour scheme to the design. This is because it will help define your brand.

For instance, Taeillo, an Afrocentric furniture company, stands out in the furniture industry due to its disruptive idea of integrating African culture into its design. Also, Apple’s famous emblem made the brand stand out among electrical gadgets.

As a result, unveil your product in a way that will launch it to the prospective customers.


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Increase your product visibility

In this age of social media, your product visibility is not complete without a social presence. This is because social media is the holy grail of digital marketing. In other words, without social media, your product will not go viral. 

Therefore, take advantage of it. If you do not have one, start it and if you do, make it count by putting more content about your product online. Through this, you will increase your sales and product exposure.

Encourage people to share

Having social visibility is not the end game but leveraging on it. You do this by asking the people in your space to help disseminate knowledge about your product far and wide.

You can throw in a little incentive to motivate your followers. For instance, you can give anyone who shares your product a 10% discount. Through this, you’re securing more potential sales and expanding the reach of the product.

Give them more to share than just a product

Another great strategy to encourage people to share is to give them a reason to share products. This is because people are likely not going to share a product advertisement just because they enjoy it.

As such, give them something irresistible that will pull their heartstrings. This will attract them and help you outperform the competition and attract new clients.


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