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Financial Literacy - May 4, 2022

7 Life-Changing Superpowers You Didn’t Know You Can Develop

Successful people develop life-changing superpowers to foster their growth to success at a point in their lives. 

We adore superheroes, whether fantastical or real, Pixar-produced or true-to-life. Perhaps we are awestruck by their mystical abilities. Maybe we live vicariously via others, feeding our endless fantasies of the impossible rendered feasible by our imagination.

What we don’t recognise, however, is that we, simple mortals, have intrinsic superpowers. We are made to bond, grow, change, prosper, and accomplish mind-bogglingly brilliant tasks down to the tiniest particles of energy.

However, the majority of these great tasks are not immediately apparent to us. These aren’t TED lectures, Oscars, or Nobel Prizes. They aren’t about what we achieve but about how we thrive.

Here are 7 life-changing superpowers you didn’t know you could develop. 


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1. See into the future

Every successful person can see into the future. You see things that are not there yet but could be if you did something about it. 

That is how every business, technological breakthrough, and everything you see around you came to be. The only way to predict the future is to build it. 

You want to be successful, look into the future, see what is different, and then come back to the present and build it. 

2. Sleep less than everyone else and still feel rested 

To the untrained eye, successful people have more time than everyone else. While you are trying to do one or two things per day, their calendar is filled for months. 

The moment you know what you have to do, you don’t have time for distractions or to try to figure out what your next moves are. 

Sleep is the easiest one to fix. Simply wake 2-3 hours earlier than everyone else for a few years, and you will be way ahead of them even if you have the same ability to perform. 

If you compete on equal ability, the difference reverts ‌to volume and effort. 

3. Ability to understand and leverage numbers

Everything around us is based on numbers. Life is based on numbers. Money is straight-up numbers. Being bad with numbers is probably the biggest handicap a person in a business can have because a business relies on numbers to grow. 

There cannot be growth without the ability to measure and interpret the results. The small portion of the population that understands numbers well rules over the rest. From politicians trying to get a certain number of votes to businesses trying to increase their profits..

4. Ability to self-motivate

Life is exhausting, you are either on a roll, and things are growing great, or you feel it is part of the cycle where you need to put your head down and keep pushing through the boring work. 

Working when you don’t feel like it is a real superpower. It allows the small portion of us to keep moving when everyone else is stagnant. 

This is a secret most people don’t know; nobody is inspired or motivated 100% of the time. Some days you just want to crawl into a ball and eat snacks. Those are the days that make a difference. 

Get yourself to put in the tiniest bit of work and you are already ahead of those on the couch. 

5. Mastering how to learn any skill

The most valuable superpower has always been the power to assimilate other powers. 

The moment you have a framework that allows you to absorb, understand, comprehend and deploy knowledge, you become unstoppable.

To break through the next level in life, you will need a new ability to open up the next door for you. 

People usually learn one ability and hope that is all they will need for the rest of their lives. But times are changing. You need to be able to learn and learn fast.

6. Ability to persuade or inspire people

There are actually two superpowers combined into one in this superpower. It is sales combined with leadership. 

Every business is a sales business. Every interaction is a sale, from your friend to your family to your work and even selling yourself of your own dream. 

The ability to persuade others into doing what you want is beyond valuable. Every great company was built on someone’s ability to convince others to follow them into the unknown. 

If you want to succeed, you need to inspire the people that work with you. Then it becomes important to convince the customers to use what you have built. You are in a constant state of persuasion. 

7. Ability to harness time flow in your favour 

Controlling time is one of the ultimate superpowers ever. You might not be able to go back in time or jump across a different universe, but this doesn’t mean you can’t harness time to work in your favour.  

Every decision you make today is compounded by time. Make good decisions now, and you will reap all the benefits later. Time will go by anyway, so make sure what you do today tracks right into the future you envision.    


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