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Entrepreneurs - May 5, 2022

10 Genuine Signs of Intelligence You Cannot Fake

Society, unfortunately, places far too much emphasis on high IQ and bilingual tongue as a sign of intelligence. However, this type of system will never be able to reveal the genuine signs of intelligence in a person.

There are people who can memorise all the facts and put them to a test, and they are regarded as exceptionally intelligent by all.

While a person who can’t do that, on the other hand, will be looked down upon. However, they could be equally or even more intellectual than the purportedly intelligent people.

It is like “Testing the capacity of a monkey, a fish, and an elephant to climb a tree”, as Einstein famously said. 

Clearly, this type of system is incapable of revealing genuine signs of intelligence.

Here are 10 genuine signs of intelligence you cannot fake.


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1. Details are something you notice and remember 

Details abound both inside and outside of us. Nature’s vibrant colours, as well as our own memories, views, smells, and sounds, all weave together to create an incredible tapestry.

One of the most genuine signs of actual intelligence is the ability to notice details along the line and recall them as if they happened yesterday.  Although you might not be the best at memorising past events. 

It’s possible that you vividly recall the fragrance of the sea when you were a child on vacation with your parents.

It could be the lasting impact a piece of music has left on you, as well as how you experience the music in your daily life, note by note.

Intelligence that is genuine is delicate and sensitive.

2. You have an insatiable need for knowledge 

Being truly intelligent isn’t only about knowing a lot of facts and statistics, it’s also about having a strong drive to learn new things.

Curiosity is a crucial component of intellect. When you want to learn more, you ask those who are knowledgeable and conduct your own research.

Even if it’s not in your regular wheelhouse, the tiniest item piques your curiosity.

You want to understand how everything works, including yourself, your reactions, and your ideals.

3. You read for fun

People who are avid readers and pore over a good book for pleasure rather than actively trying to seek out new knowledge are naturally more intelligent.

According to research, these avid readers have a better memory function, communication skills, and focus.

4. You learn from your mistakes

Smart individuals, according to psychological studies, are those who can recognise and accept their failures and, more importantly, learn from them.

Instead of seeing mistakes as setbacks, wise individuals see them as opportunities to learn and improve.

5. You can argue with anyone 

Arguing is a solid indicator of intelligence, but it’s how you do it that distinguishes you from the others.

According to Travis Bradberry, author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, people who can debate clearly and eloquently from all sides are more gifted.

Genuine signs of intelligence are demonstrated by people who can argue not only from their own point of view but also from the points of view of others.

6. You think before speaking

People who are truly intelligent have a brain that is faster than their mouth.

You’ll be one step ahead if you take your time to answer people’s queries and think them through to deliver a real answer that you’ve considered.

7. You don’t care what others think about you  

When making decisions, truly bright people do not consider other people.

They don’t consider how others will feel as a result of their actions, and they act regardless of what others think. 

8. You’re intertwined with nature and the laws of existence

In some cases, understanding how mathematics and physical principles work is quite beneficial.

A truly intelligent individual, on the other hand, is one who is in tune with nature and the laws of life.

They are sensitive without being mushy, strong without being forceful, and quiet without being sedentary.

Nature’s wisdom, beauty, and even savagery can be seen by those who properly observe it.

Nature’s patterns and strength are incredible. True intelligence understands nature’s lessons and direction for us, as well as our responsibility to conserve and nurture our natural habitat.

9. You keep your mind partly open

Your brain will fall out if you open your thoughts completely.

However, if you close your thoughts totally, you will miss out on a lot of information and become a dumb person.

This is true even if you start out on the right foot. For example, if you’re a criminal defence lawyer who believes you already know the ins and outs of your country’s legal system, you might ignore someone who tells you that you don’t comprehend something.

That’s because you know they’re completely incorrect. If you were to open your mind somewhat and simply listen to this person, you would recognise that their idea is still important in another scenario.

And you could find that it helps you comprehend why you’re right and what it means even more.

Keep your mind open, you’ll learn a lot even if you’re certain you’re right or well-informed on certain issues.

10. You’re able to delay gratification

You have the ability to postpone gratification. The ability to delay gratification is one of the most essential markers of actual intellect.

Many of us are willing to postpone a reward, but when the time comes, we don’t follow through.

Rather than putting in the effort and deferring satisfaction to wait for something more important and long-term.

People who have the resolve to wait for gratification are, quite simply, wiser people.


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