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Entrepreneurs - May 6, 2022

5 Personality Flaws that can Make you Super-rich

Many prosperous individuals have personality flaws that, on the contrary, have helped them become successful and super-rich. These people think and relate to the world in a strange way to others. 

These differences set them apart. After all, no one has ever achieved extraordinary success by being ordinary. 

Here are some personality flaws that can make you super-rich.

You are obsessed 

Obsession is, naturally, toxic, especially when it goes unchecked. But, it can also be a good thing when channelled in the proper direction.

For instance, you need to have complete faith in it and yourself to attain anything. This is what will guide you towards achieving what you believe. The extra force that propels you to reach your goal at all costs is an obsession. You are infatuated with achieving what you believe in at all costs.

Although it is good to like something to a fault, it becomes a problem when you start having a sleepless night over it.

You are obstinate and unwilling to give up

One thing that differentiates successful people from the lot is their doggedness. People that are unsuccessful hit a snag or fail and give up immediately.

On the other hand, successful individuals keep failing and keep going because they are unwilling to give up. They are obsessed with what they believe because they know it will eventually pay off.

Hence, they don’t see their failures as mistakes but discover more ways that their idea won’t work. 

American inventor Thomas Edison validated this when he said, “I have not failed. I’ve just discovered 10,000 approaches that aren’t going to work.”

Keep trying since you have nothing to lose when you fail but more to learn.


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You may be an introvert

Introverted people have long been considered an anti-social disorder. On the other hand, Extroverts flourish in this setting, leaving introverts with little opportunity to shine.

Being an introvert isn’t a bad thing. It just implies that you approach things differently. Unlike extroverts who enjoy interacting with everyone and everything, introverts enjoy their own company more – reading a book rather than going out, listening and reflecting rather than participating in a discussion.

This flaw, on the contrary, distinguished them. Also, sometimes, introverted individuals often outperform extroverts when refreshed. This is exemplified by some renowned introverted people such as Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein.

You consider yourself first

Aside from money, your most valuable possession is your time. As a result, you put yourself first in everything. To others, though, this makes you appear odd and cruel.

The point is, once time goes, it is gone forever, so be selfish with it. This is why some most successful people do not play with their time because time equals money.

Therefore, if someone does not deserve your time and energy, leave. If something is not worthy of the time either, don’t do it.

You look for the good in everything and avoid the bad

When faced with adversity, some people feel no negative emotions. Instead of lamenting a loss or failure, they stay upbeat and hopeful.

They don’t dilly-dally over split milk; instead, for a way out. Thinking about it brings only unpleasant feelings.

Although it is possible to be upset or furious when confronted with such difficult or unfavourable events, they quickly turn it around and take reasonable action.

However, thinking all is well even when things are not well is harmful.


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