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Career Tips - May 6, 2022

6 Smart Money Moves People Make Too Late

Making smart money moves early can help set you up for long-term success. However, some people miss this and make their money moves too late. It is critical to maintaining good financial health. 

Avoiding debt, developing an emergency fund, and working toward larger goals, such as having enough money for a down payment on a house are all examples of this.

Most people spent their early years chasing larger wages with no clear goal in mind. As a result, they spent all of their money along the way and had no future financial assets.

Even if you are cash-strapped at an entry-level position, taking charge of your finances early will make it easier to reach your goals in later years.

Here are 6 smart money moves people make too late.


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1. Creating a budget and sticking to it

Making a budget is one of the smart money moves most people know too late. It can help you organise your finances and track how much money comes in and out of your bank account each month.

Creating a budget has always been a daunting task to many, and that’s why so many don’t do it. 

However, there are various internet resources and apps that may assist you. Plus, once you have one, you’ve completed most of the work and may alter it when your spending habits or income change.

Many people have failed to stick to their budget once they have created one. To attain financial freedom, you need to budget.

Review your budgeting goals regularly to ensure you are not spending more than you can afford to repay.

2. Observing delayed gratification 

Most people have gotten carried away with wanting all of their gratifications met immediately. These are the YOLO – you only live once people. 

They want all the gadgets, clothing, and hangouts immediately, not knowing it comes at a price in the future.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting it all, but wanting it all immediately is where the issues begin. 

Consider moving into your first “real” apartment on your own. It’s a milestone that young adults look forward to. 

Because of wanting more, you could overcharge yourself by getting expensive accommodation and furnishing to live a life you can’t afford. So, when unexpected expenses come up, they won’t be able to deal with them. 

3. Paying off debts

Being in debt is the oldest financial struggle many people face and are still facing. The mistake people make is that they let the debt prolong and they believe that when their income rises, they will be able to make larger payments.

But the truth is that life is full of the inevitable. So many other expenses and responsibilities pop up to take a chunk of your income, making it more difficult to make up for the lost time. 

Finally, paying off your debt in your early years allows you to freely enter the rest of your years prepared to invest in your future.

4. Live within your means 

You are living within your means when your budget is balanced, and you’re not spending more than you make.

Some people do not attempt to track their spending or make realistic spending plans that will guide them through the budgeting process. 

They are terrified of exposing their terrible spending habits if they do this. Nobody else but you will be in charge of your finances.

5. Choosing partner and friends who value money 

Choosing friends, especially a partner, who share your beliefs is an important value of living within your means. 

Splurging occasionally is not the same as living a lifestyle with minimal monthly payments. If your friends consistently spend more than you’re comfortable with, make new friends who share your money values and encourage you to live a financially responsible lifestyle.

6. Adequate health coverage

Everyone requires health coverage. However, not everyone needs exorbitantly priced high-deductible health insurance.

Make sure you have enough savings to afford the deductible, regardless of which health insurance plan you choose. 

If your employer does not provide health insurance, there are plenty of other ways to obtain coverage, so there are no excuses!


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