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Entrepreneurs - May 13, 2022

7 Ways to Know if Your Business Idea is Trash

To come up with a great business idea, you must be able to spot the ones that are trash. Building a business is already hard enough, and you don’t want to run with an idea that is impossible to launch or scale.

Although there are no hard and fast rules to know if a business will be successful or fail, there are some signs that serve as indicators.

Let’s consider some ways to know if your business idea is trash.

An expert points out that the idea is not feasible

Having constructive feedback at a time can serve as helpful information to access your business idea.

So, if experts inform you that your idea isn’t viable, you can be sure it is trash. Not everyone you speak with will be competent to provide you with critical feedback.

If you’re looking for an opinion that you can trust, find an expert or two in the field you’re pursuing and ask them what they think of your idea.

No one likes the idea 

Experts aren’t the only people you should consult about your idea. Getting feedback from your friends, family members, and even strangers can help you perceive the idea from an angle you cannot.

When you tell people about it, ask if they are willing to patronise your business. If the no is more than the yes, it is trash.

The fact is that every entrepreneur is ecstatic about their idea, but business success is evaluated by cash, investors, and consumers. So if enough people have agreed to put their money where their mouth is, it is a good one.

You are bored by the idea

While getting other people’s views on your idea might help you determine whether or not to pursue it, there’s only one person who can tell you whether or not the idea is worth it: you.

So, if your idea does not excite you, it is an indication that it is garbage. There is no synergy between you and the brilliant idea you have conceived and drafted.

This is very important as the idea’s success largely depends on you as the entrepreneur. So, if you are not passionate about it, don’t bother.


How to Know if Your Business Idea is Viable and if You Should Take a Step Back

Nobody wants to assist

Few people start their business idea with or without seeking assistance. Whether from investors, industry experts, or friends and family members, help at the initial stage of a business idea is vital for every new business.

If you can’t seem to acquire the help you need to get your business off the ground; your idea may be bad. You will not receive any assistance with a trashy idea.

Not scalable

Any business idea that does not have the potential to expand is not worth the time and energy. Every business, no matter how tiny, grows over time.

While some are larger than others, the most successful ideas begin small and expand over time. Businesses must start small to allow for the inevitable changes that will be required as the company grows.

It’s confusing

It’s probably not worth pursuing if no one, including yourself, can articulate what your idea is about.

Every idea must be well-defined. If a potential idea is unclear, the business is unlikely to succeed. Answer the following questions to determine how clear your idea is:

What exactly does the business do? How are the goals to be achieved? What is the essential part of the business idea?

The idea is not gaining attention

Many people test their business ideas on the world’s most significant public space – the internet. Using the same media can assist you in determining whether or not your idea is complete trash.

Test it with as many people as possible while staying within your budget. The goal isn’t to generate money right away but to obtain a true sense of demand for the idea.

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