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Entertainment - May 19, 2022

The Life of the Super-Rich in Zimbabwe 

The super-rich in Zimbabwe lives a dramatically different life from the country’s average and lower class. This includes flaunting their money, which ranges from a $14,000 alligator skin to gold-plated Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers to a Batmobile and private jets decked out in gold.

In a country where the GDP per capita is $1,128.21, less than Afghanistan’s, the wealthy seem content to flaunt their money and even reject criticisms, labelling it the work of haters. 

The sons of Robert Mugabe, and the children of affluent business people and property moguls are among those who flaunt their wealth.

Vanessa Chironga and her sister Michelle, who drive limited edition Land Rovers and spend tens of thousands on weddings and honeymoons in the Seychelles, are the country’s own Kardashians.

However, they are not the only super-rich in Zimbabwe. They accompanied by clergies and ‘prophets who showcase their expensive cars and stacks dollars bills.

Let’s dive into the life of the super-rich in Zimbabwe.


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1. Mugabe’s sons

Mugabe’s two sons Robert Jr and Chatunga are known for their lavish lifestyle.

In 2017, Robert Jr. purchased two Rolls Royces in September. That was the peak of their display of wealth.

While Robert studied American Architecture in Dubai he arrived in a black Batmobile to show off to his Instagram followers. He also showcased travelling in a private jet with a gold interior.

Chatunga, his brother, is well-known throughout Africa for being one of the continent’s most extravagant spenders.

Several videos have emerged and gone viral of him pouring a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne over his diamond-encrusted Rolex.

He captioned one of his Instagram, “$60,000 on the wrist when your daddy runs the whole country ya know,” while holding up a watch.

Despite the outcry over their spending, they continued unapologetically, as Junior puts it, ‘They keep talking, we keep rolling.’

2. Zimbabwe Kardashians

Vanessa Chironga, is the daughter of Philip Chiyangwa, a businessman and politician who is supposedly Robert Mugabe’s cousin.

According to reports, Chiyangwa is worth $280 million. In 2015, Chironga got married in the Seychelles, reportedly spending more than $60,000 on 50 guests.

However, she claimed the wedding was a low-cost one. The two have been dubbed “Zimbabwe’s Kardashians,”.

3. Sidney Himbara Jr

Sidney Himbara Jr is likely the most well-known for flaunting his money on the internet.

Sidney Sr is one of the country’s wealthiest businessmen, and his Instagram account @Itssirsid chronicles his multiple vacations across the world aboard private jets, yachts, and a steady stream of insanely costly cars.

He flaunted his custom alligator skin, gold-plated Giuseppe Zanotti $14,000 sneakers, and a gilded handgun that shoots out lipstick pellets to his followers.

4. Uebert Angel

In Zimbabwe, some preachers pose as ‘prophets’ and travel the continent performing religious shows like rockstars.

Uebert Angel is the founder and CEO of The Billion Group, as well as the self-proclaimed “godfather of the prophecy movement.”

Angel, according to a 2014 BBC article, is a “young charismatic prophet” who “arrives by helicopter to preach to his audience and tells them that God wants them to be rich, as rich as he is.”

5. Frank Buyanga

Property mogul Frank Buyanga entertains heads of state from all over the world and has a fleet of cars that would make most Hollywood stars blush, including a $320,000 Rolls Royce.

At 35, Buyanga became Zimbabwe’s youngest millionaire. He has property all over the continent and currently spends the majority of his time in South Africa.

When asked how many cars he has by a local TV crew, he said, “How am I meant to know?”


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