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Entrepreneurs - June 1, 2022

5 Ways to Transform Debt into Passive Income

To some people, debt is a bad idea to be discarded, but the fact remains that not all debt is bad; in some cases, it is a reliable source of passive income.

It serves as one of the most effective strategies to harness your money and make it work for you. As several well-known entrepreneurs have demonstrated, taking loans to invest in income-generating businesses is a legitimate method to build wealth.

While a typical person saves money in the bank, earning minimal interest at the end of the year, entrepreneurs borrow money to diversify their revenue streams.

Here are some ways you can use your debt to generate passive income.

Alternative assets

Alternative assets are also known as alternative investments. Since there are different investments, it varies. Some of the investments include hedge funds, private equity, and crowdfunded real estate investments.

This also includes personal investments. For example, you could invest in a car and rent it out. You can also register it on car-sharing platforms such as Bolt. Also, you can set up a blog. You may either purchase an already profitable blog or start your own from scratch.

Although starting a blog takes a lot of time and effort, buying one that already has all of the posts created and generates a constant cash stream might be a great way to earn a significant passive income stream.

Before starting, ensure that the revenue of your asset surpasses your financing expenses.

Invest in dividend stocks or bonds on margin

Another way to use your debt to generate passive income is to buy dividend-paying stocks or bonds on margin.

To acquire assets, the money in your brokerage account must be up to the investment amount. If you upgrade your account, you will have access to a credit line from the broker.

You can use it to acquire more securities. Provided you are qualified for margin, you can borrow up to half of the total purchase price. Some investment options are stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds.


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Invest in a high-yielding savings account

If you belong to the percentage of people who have a phobia of investment, there is a probability that you save your money in a bank account. While saving is a good idea, the type of saving account you also operate matters.

Since traditional banks scarcely pay any interest, you must save your money in a high-yield savings account. The most significant high-interest banks are only available online.

It does not matter if you don’t have much; you will still generate more money than the traditional savings account.

Invest in Index Funds

One thing is certain: the global market will continue to expand and increase. Suffice it to say, index investing will continue to be a way to support and create passive income streams.

Your debt is secured here as index fund investment reduces risk and expenses by investing in diverse assets and establishing basic asset ownership regulations. 

It serves as a mutual fund that owns a diverse range of assets. Some index funds are specific, such as an automotive index fund that owns just automobile stocks.

On the other hand, some are wide. For example, a total market index fund may own every stock on the market.

Invest as an angel investor

This is a high-risk investment, but one with a high reward. It involves investing in a fledgling firm that has the prospect of tremendous growth. 

Investors get to have a secured stock in the new business venture worth millions. This is because the venture tends to double 100 times in the long run. 

There is also the likelihood that the business will close up. When it comes to angel investment, it is a 50/50 investment.


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