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Financial Literacy - June 2, 2022

6 Steps to Achieving Your Financial Goals Right Now 

Achieving your financial goals is about creating a strategy and sticking to it, not just saving and spending wisely. There is no better day or time to be in control and organise your finances than now. 

Saving money to make a purchase is an age-old tale. Whether you’re an 8-year-old looking for a new bike, a teenager looking for a new car, or an adult looking for your first home, we’ve all tried to save money for something that is currently out of our reach.

To begin, you must first establish a particular financial goal. What do you hope to accomplish? How long do you think it’ll take? What are the stages to getting there?

Once you’ve determined what’s essential to you, determine what’s feasible in the short, medium, and long term, devise a SMART-Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely-strategy and a limited budget to attain it; begin saving, and track your progress.

Here are six steps to achieving your financial goals right now.


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1. Make a plan  

The first step is to make a plan. You can keep a ‘‘Give Yourself Credit’’ diary, which will help you to properly understand your finances by first copying in your estimated weekly spending. 

Then you should determine what you want to save for, what you presently spend on, and understand your bill payment calendar. 

It’s the most effective way to save money. Make a proper plan for your financial goals by using the Give Yourself Credit feature.

2. Apply discipline 

This may be the last thing we want to hear, yet it’s the harsh reality. Your finances will run away from you if you spend irresponsibly. 

Take a look at your spending from the previous year. Are there any recurring, unnecessary spending behaviours that you’ve noticed? Make a list of them in your planner and set a daily reminder to work on them.

It’s wonderful to treat yourself. We work hard for it, but occasionally we will have to give up a few luxuries when we’re in a pinch.

3. Save money by doing cardio

Why take the automobile if you can walk it? Tone your legs while saving money on commuting and car expenses! If walking or cycling isn’t an option, consider carpooling. That way, you may save money while also helping the environment.

You may put that workout in your Give Yourself Credit and feel confident that you’re living your best life, with every detail prepared.

4. Make an inventory

It is important to determine your financial inventory. You’ll need to keep track of the entire value of your assets and obligations in order to meet your financial goals. With your money coming in and out in all directions, it can be difficult to tell where your money should go.

Keeping track of your spending can be simple. All you have to do is write them down in the space given for your daily expenses. That way, you’ll always have a complete record of spending at your fingertips.

5. Make your goals a priority  

Keeping your ambitions in mind is the best way to stay motivated and keep track of your finances. Are you putting money aside for a home? Do you want to go on a vacation?

Set reminders for yourself to go over your expenses and update your spreadsheets in order to cut down on your wasteful spending. If you have a reason to stick to a budget, you’re much more likely to do so.

6. Budget  

Make a spending plan and stick to it. Get to know all of your important outgoings, such as rent, bills, and transportation, as well as how much money you have coming in.

Keep track of this amount and aim to spend less discretionary income than you have so that you can continue to save.


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