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Financial Literacy - June 5, 2022

5 Ways to Save 50% of Your Income before You Retire

It’s a great financial strategy to save at least 50% of your income before you retire. Put your earnings toward creating an emergency fund, aggressive debt repayment, and a retirement portfolio.

This may appear to be an odd idea at first, yet there is a subculture of people who save half of their income. 

The peace of mind and flexibility that comes with saving is worth the effort, and many individuals can do it on middle-class earnings. They might make $100,000 per year in take-home pay but live on $50,000 per year. 

Alternatively, they may earn $80,000 per year yet live on a $40,000 household budget. With this method in use, they would save 50% of their income. 

Here are some great ways to save 50% of your income and retire early. 


How to Know When to Save or Invest

1. Living on a single income

If you’re a couple with two incomes, the simplest approach to saving half is to live on one income while saving the other. 

Begin by living on the higher one of the two incomes. Spend a few months getting used to this budget. Once you’ve become used to it, consider transitioning to the smaller of the two salaries.

Couples gain an additional benefit by doing so. You’ll be prepared if you decide to become a one-income pair in the future, such that one of you stays at home to care for the children. 

You’ll not only be used to living on one salary, but you’ll also have years of savings under your belt.

You’ll also have made key life decisions, such as your mortgage, with the goal of paying it off with only one income.

2. Increase your income

If you have a six-figure salary, saving 50% of your income is much more feasible. However, it isn’t, if you earn too little a year. 

If you are at the end of the low income scale, it will benefit you to earn more. Because this will enable you to put every penny of that extra income into savings, which also improves your ability to save half quickly.

3. Concentrate on the big wins

When it comes to saving, start with your three greatest bills. This will be food, housing, and transportation for the majority of people. It’s possible that you’ll have to downsize to a smaller property. 

Some people have saved half their money by moving into a duplex or triplex and renting out the other units. 

They don’t have any out-of-pocket housing costs because the rent from the other flats covers their mortgage. 

If you don’t want to do that, consider downsizing to a smaller home or apartment. You will save money on not only your mortgage or rent but also on utilities, furniture, and maintenance.

Reduce transportation costs by living closer to work, driving fuel-efficient vehicles, and, if possible, walking or cycling. 

By avoiding eating out and dining out, you can save money on meals. A vegetarian diet or at least avoiding red meat can also help you save money on groceries. These three categories alone can help you go a lot closer to your target of saving 50%.

4. Recurring costs should be targeted

Don’t forget about the “invisible” expenses when you’re saving. Because groceries and petrol are tangible, it’s easier to focus on them. 

However, many consumers overlook insurance premiums, mutual fund fees, HMOs, and a slew of other hidden and intangible costs that have a significant influence. 

Spend one afternoon per month examining your budget and determining how you may reduce these intangible charges that continue to drain your resources.

5. Invest 

Inflation will eat away at your savings if you leave it in a low-performing account. Instead, you should invest it to ensure that your savings have the best chance of expanding.

You can buy low-cost tracker funds that imitate the stock market’s performance. To protect your investment earnings from the taxman, you should use a stocks and shares ISA.


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