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Business - June 14, 2022

5 Businesses You Can Start in Nigeria with N100,000 or Less

Due to the harsh economic realities, it’s more crucial than ever to find businesses you can start in Nigeria with less cash. 

According to Statista, 32.5 percent of Nigerians were unemployed in 2021, with the percentage expected to rise to 33 percent in 2022.

Starting your own business has various advantages, including serving as a stepping stone to self-employment and eliminating the need to look for work.

Here are five businesses you can start in Nigeria with 100,000 or less. 


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1. POS or E-Payment

For obvious reasons, Point of Sale (POS ) services is on top of the list of businesses you can start in Nigeria with 100,000 naira. 

The business is one that has come to stay because financial transactions are a necessary aspect of everyday life, and the banking sector frequently falls short of people’s expectations.

To start this business you will need to ensure you are using a GSM network that works excellently well in your location.    

You will also need to check if your place of business is secured because you will be dealing with cash daily. After you have verified all this you can get your POS machines from any bank.

2. Mobile food vendor and delivery business 

Food is an essential part of human life. This, among other factors, is why the online food vending and delivery business is a profitable business that you can start with N100,000 or less in Nigeria.

Due to the nature of their work and busy schedules, a large number of individuals are finding it impossible to prepare meals at home, and because of this, they resort to using the services of these food sellers. 

To start and run this mobile food business smoothly,  you will need a fast and reliable mode of transportation. 

You don’t need to get a shop or office to cook your meals, you can start from the comfort of your home and gradually build your business. 

3. Copywriting 

If you have strong writing skills and a command of English, copywriting could be your passport to financial independence.

Examples of copywriting services include advertisement copy, blog entries, video scripts, presentations, creative content, and so on. 

A copywriter’s primary goal is to weave text in such a way that it will persuade or support a specific product, idea, service, or cause. 

Apart from having a natural writing ability, copywriting, can be learned. You can read copywriting books, or watch videos on YouTube, follow copywriting blogs, and take copywriting courses on online learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera.

4. Graphic design 

 As the adage goes, “A picture is worth much more than a thousand words,” thus graphic design is worth much more than a million words. 

Graphic design is the art of using visual communication to convey a specific message. It combines several aspects to convey a message to a target audience.

Graphic designers are employed by businesses, government institutions, politicians, partisans, and almost every other aspect of human endeavor.

You don’t need to own a store or workspace to start graphic design, the most important thing is to learn the skill. 

You can learn graphic design through tutorials on YouTube and by hiring a professional for master classes. 

5. Selling clothes 

The significance of clothing cannot be overstated. Clothing is one of man’s three fundamental requirements, along with food and shelter. 

This makes it one of the profitable businesses you can start in Nigeria for 100,000 naira.

A few examples of clothing to sell are children’s wear, native wear, English wear, jeans, and undergarments. 

When beginning a business, having a shop may not be necessary right away because you can simply buy clothes and deliver them to your clients’ doorsteps.


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