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Insight & Analysis - June 30, 2022

5 Ways to Get Your Customers’ Attention in 8 Secs

The capacity to attract customers’ attention is one of the skills that any business owner has to possess. Since a person’s attention span is so short, all business people must master this skill.

In actuality, you only have eight seconds to capture the attention of your potential customers in marketing before they drift off. Here are some things you can do to get the attention of your customers.

Use captivating copy

Copyright is to your business what honey is to the bees. Compelling marketing copywriting helps you get the attention of your potential clients and convert them into paying clients.

It acts as a point connecting every aspect of your company, such as emails, social media postings, and your website. The fact is that when utilised correctly, it serves as a technique that aids in capturing your customers’ attention for more extended periods.

To use it effectively, you must be aware of your demographics, present a captivating tale, avoid information overload, proofread, customise it to your audience, and minimise the use of jargon.

Be creative with your design

According to a survey, 65% of people learn best visually. This demonstrates how most individuals respond more strongly to the first thing they notice.

You must have an engaging design to capture your audience’s attention and help them easily grasp what your product is all about.

Since a design’s initial impression is crucial, be creative with it by employing eye-catching symbols, colours and a clear visual hierarchy.

Make your product user friendly

Nobody wants a product that requires several steps to complete. This is because such products create attention loss, frustration, and exhaustion. You definitely want to stay away from such for your own goods.

Therefore, give your customers a user-friendly interface and experience and a speedy website.


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Success is a result of consistency. Inconsistency, however, will drive people away from your brand. Customers dislike seeing websites and marketing materials that are constantly updated. They want stability and regularity to maintain their interest.

It is a two-way decision. Be consistent, and your customers will trust your brand. Be inconsistent, and you will lose the faith of your consumers in your brand.

Call to action (CTA)

You may also encourage customers to take action to draw them in. You may achieve this by making them aware of your presence on social media platforms.

A call to action (CTA) persuades a person to carry out a specific activity. You need to give explicit directions so that your customers are carried along and know what to do next.

Some of the notable CTA are: subscribe today, 30-day trial, try for free, learn more, add to cart, and sign up.


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