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Profiles - July 7, 2022

5 Powerful Ways Tony Elumelu Brands Himself

The Delta-native businessman is more than just a strolling pose in a black suit and trademark red socks. Tony Elumelu’s impact on Africa’s business landscape is beyond outstanding.

Tony Elumelu is the founder of the multinational Pan-African bank, UBA and the CEO of the family-owned investment firm Heirs Holdings.

He holds a majority stake in Transcorp, a publicly traded Nigerian conglomerate with operations in the hospitality, farming, oil, and power industries.

Here are 5 powerful ways Tony Elumelu brands himself.


8 Sacred Business Lessons From Tony Elumelu to African Entrepreneurs

1. His unique sense of dressing 

Tony Elumelu is a billionaire with panache. One thing about this 57-year-old billionaire you can’t deny is his impeccable sense of style.

As a corporate executive, he has a wardrobe filled with outfits appropriate for any occasion.

Elumelu typically wears black or navy suits with a red tie and socks, which is viewed as part of his brand identity.

Red is incorporated throughout most of the companies he manages, including UBA, The Tony Elumelu Foundation, and Heirs Holdings.

Every male employee of UBA is required to follow the dress code since it has become the standard, and Tony sets a positive example by adhering to it.

2. He has a do-it-yourself attitude 

Success didn’t just happen to Tony Elumelu. His growth was organic as he went through the toughest of processes to get to where he is today. 

“The road to success is not linear; it is up and down. You must be very determined and prepared to do whatever is required for your success.” Elumelu said. 

Tony Elumelu has never been one to sit around and wait for other people to help him. From his first business endeavour selling regional costumes made in Sokoto in the South to leading one of the biggest mergers in Sub-Saharan Africa that became UBA, he paid his dues in full. This has helped him create an effective personal brand.

3. He is a good storyteller 

Tony Elumelu always finds time to share his story on social media.

He makes time to tell stories, unlike many other billionaires who give their accounts to someone else to handle or stay off social media, whether it is his personal life, plans, or thoughts.

Aside from the write-ups he posts on his social media platforms, the storytelling attribute has always been a major component of his presentations and Time 100 talks. 

4. He puts family first 

Elumelu has demonstrated that he manages to find enough time for his family while still running successful businesses.

He is married to Awele Elumelu, a medical doctor and a father of seven children. 

He never misses an opportunity to brag about his loved ones, especially on social media. He frequently uploads photos of his wife, mother, five daughters, and two sons.

Tony also participates in social media challenges with his family, which has won the hearts of many young people who can readily relate to him.

5. He is a philanthropist 

Tony Elumelu is a man who works hard to develop and support Africa’s brightest and most talented entrepreneurs. This initiative has directly supported about 9000 young people from 54 African countries.

As part of his dedication to the concept of Africapitalism, he established the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), a division of Heirs Holdings, in 2010. TEF’s mission is to inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs.

The Foundation has been working in all 54 African nations since its founding. Through the TEF, Tony Elumelu uses his connections and extensive network in both public and private sector circles as levers to open doors and provide everyone with the chance to create riches.


Successful Entrepreneurs are Doers, not Dreamers; Tony Elumelu Knows this

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