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Insight & Analysis - July 8, 2022

Top 10 Smartest Countries in Africa, 2022

Africa is the second-largest and most populous continent after Asia. There are 52 nations on the continent, each with a distinctive combination of natural and human resources. Some of the smartest countries are also in Africa.  

Africa has sufficient human resources to support itself. Even though the continent may appear to be behind in development, some of the smartest people can be found in different countries in Africa.

According to the results of the Intelligence Capital Index, the following are the top 10 smartest countries in Africa. They have been evaluated in three different categories, namely; education, creativity, and talent recruitment. The countries on this list are evaluated for their readiness and capacity to benefit from the knowledge economy.


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1. South Africa

According to the Human Development Index, South Africa is a developing nation, coming in at 114. 

The country boasts one of Africa’s highest rates of school enrollment. The number of Nobel Prize winners from this nation is also the highest in all of Africa.

Based on the above, South Africa is therefore one of the smartest countries in Africa.

2. Mauritius 

In 2015, estimates put the adult literacy rate in Mauritius at 92.7%. In the 2020 Global Innovation Index, Mauritius came in at number 52 overall and first in Africa.

The Global Innovation Index is a yearly ranking of nations based on their propensity for, and success with, innovation. Pre-primary through postsecondary education is offered to Mauritius’s citizens without charge by the government. Mauritius has a score of 31.70 on the Intelligence Capital Index (ICI).

3. Tunisia 

Tunisia, which is located in North Africa, is one of the few African nations with a high Human Development Index score.

When simply taking into account adults between the ages of 15 and 24, the overall adult literacy rate rises to 97.3 percent, from 78 percent in 2008. 

A high-priority area that makes up 6% of GNP is education. Since 1991, children between the ages of 6 and 16 have been required to receive basic education.

Tunisia is the third smartest country in Africa with an Intelligence Capital Index (ICI) of 24.81.

4. Botswana 

With a GDP per capita of around US$70 in the late 1960s, Botswana was once among the world’s poorest countries. 

However, it has since developed into an upper-middle-income nation with one of the fastest-growing economies, all because of the nationalism and intelligence of both its leaders and citizens.

Botswana is the second most intelligent nation in Southern Africa and the fourth most intelligent country overall, according to the Intelligence Capital Index (ICI).

5. Morocco

Morocco has maintained a largely stable and successful state since becoming independent. 

The country’s economy ranks fifth in Africa, and it has a large impact on both the Arab and African continents.

In Morocco, elementary school education is free and mandated. According to estimates, 72 percent of the population was literate in 2012.

Morocco is the fifth most intelligent nation in Africa, according to the Intelligence Capital Index (ICI), with a score of 22.57.

6. Egypt

Every child has a right to basic education, beginning at age six in this transcontinental country that straddles the northeastern corner of Africa and the southwestern corner of Asia. 

Basic education consists of six years of primary school and three years of preparatory school.

Egypt, is the sixth most intelligent nation in Africa, according to the Intelligence Capital Index (ICI), with a score of 21.55.

7. Kenya

Kenya is ranked 145 out of 186 countries in the world and has a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.555.

In Kenya, where basic formal education begins at age six and lasts for 12 years, eight years are spent in primary school and four years are spent in high school or secondary schools. Elementary education is free.

Kenya is the smartest country in the East and the seventh-most intelligent nation in Africa, according to the Intelligence Capital Index (ICI), with a score of 19.31. 

8. Algeria 

In both regional and international affairs, Algeria has a medium power position in North Africa. 

It boasts one of the biggest economies on the continent and has the highest human development index of any non-island nation in Africa. 

9. Zambia 

At the intersection of Central, Southern, and East Africa, there is a landlocked country called Zambia.

 According to the Intelligence Capital Index (ICI), Zambia has a score of 18.93.

10. Namibia 

Both primary and secondary education are free in Namibia. The primary grades are 1–7, and the secondary grades are 8–12. Namibia has an Intelligence Capital Index (ICI) score of 18.89.


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