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Visionaries - July 11, 2022

Andrew Saad Birth a Revolutionary Idea After a Near-Death Encounter

Andrew Saad is the founder of Bypa-ss, a startup in Egypt disrupting the healthcare sector. He identified the problem affecting the Egyptian healthcare system in mid-2015 while interning at a hospital in northern Egypt.

This happened when an older woman was rushed into the emergency room. She, however, lacked medical records like many Egyptians.

He said, “We are all tested in more than one lab, buy medications from different places and treated in different hospitals. But when in an emergency, won’t we need all of our medical histories in one place?” 

Though the woman survived the episode, Saad, on the other hand, never forgot the experience. He believes that one of the problems with well-organised medical records is social class and education.

“I’m just trying to make sure that patients, no matter their social class or education background, can have the same level of care wherever they go,” he said. This experience, thus, led to the launch of  Bypa-ss, a cloud-based system that stores medical records.

Starting Bypa-ss

While conducting the research that led to Bypa-ss, Andrew Saad discovered that this problem resonates with both the health sector and patients.

With this, he founded Bypa-ss in 2017 and launched its flagship product Healthtag, a platform for Health Information Exchange (HIE).

By leveraging the cloud, Healthtag safely stores medical information from various healthcare and makes it available to users. For ease of use, cards are given to users with about 70% discounts on treatment. For healthcare providers, Bypas-ss offers a free-of-charge cloud-based patient management solution.


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Growth and expansion

The company, since its inception, has recorded outstanding growth. It expanded from one city to five cities in Egypt in a year.

This was aided by the incubation and early funding program by the Falak Startup’s investment which helped the health tech startup to gain attention and get more angel funds. 

As of late 2021, the company recorded more than 17,000 HealthTag users and over 3,500 healthcare providers using the product, especially in clinics, pharmacies, labs, and radiology centres.

“We are currently present in all Egyptian governorates with our main focus to be accessible to all through big cities. We are also expanding our networks to include hospitals and more institutions across Egypt, especially in rural areas,” Saad said.

Funding and financing

Bypas-ss generates money through its various yearly subscriptions and commissions from the hospitals based on its providers’ discounted services to cardholders.

Also, funds come in through different fundraising platforms. In late 2021, Bypas-ss closed a $1 million pre-seed funding to digitise health management.

This was from Magic Fund, Acuity Ventures, Launch Africa, Plug and Play, and other regional and international Venture Capitalists.

According to him, “with this investment coming in, we will be able to provide more features to our customers while maintaining our service level and growth momentum.

“Additionally, the company intends to use the funds to fuel expansion, perfect a high-end tech mobile app for patients to engulf and facilitate the information exchange between the stakeholders from different levels and sizes and capitalise on the company’s rapid growth”.


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